3 Bedroom Family Home is made from 4 x 40FT Containers

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Pringle Bay, Johannesburg, South Africa.

To make a less aggressive impression on the world, it is possible to create an optional outer cover for your shipping container. Various types of coatings are available according to your taste and purpose !!!
It’s hard to believe this is a shipping container house …

This 3 bedroom family home is made of 4 x 12m (40FT) containers and 2 are joined on each side and the connecting roof provides extra height and plenty of natural light.

180 m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, scullery, working area, large open plan kitchen and living space with atrium style high mountain view. 4 x 12 m container, open plan 5 x 12 m interior space closed with roof structure, floor windows and large stacking doors !!

The container house, which is built on a single and open plan, has a very useful structure. The best feature of the house is its raised roof in the middle. This feature, which allows the interior of the house to be very spacious and bright, also added an awareness to the house outside.

Of all the housing innovations developed over the years, shipping container houses are one of the most popular structures worldwide.
Shipping containers are fireproof, flood-proof, economical to purchase and maintain, and easily available as there are approximately 15 million out of service containers around the world.

No wonder conversion into modular homes is the fastest growing trend in this industry. Prefabricated and modular methods have significant advantages, including more affordable cost, shorter construction time and predictable cost.

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This project was implemented by the South Africa based company Berman-Kalil.


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