How to Transform an Old House Built in 1946 into a Fabulous Home with Shipping Containers

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Henrico, Virginia, USA.

Building sustainable, affordable and high-quality homes using shipping containers has been hugely popular lately. These houses are considered environmentally friendly as they are made of used containers that reduce the use of metal.

Today we will show you how an old house built in 1946 turned into a magnificent home with the addition of shipping containers to the project. This home renovation is located in Henrico, Virginia, USA.

2 x 45FT shipping containers were added to the side of the old building. Later, a top-to-bottom renovation was carried out with the existing building. In the old part of the building, there is a kitchen, bedroom and living area. On the container side, which was added to the house later, there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a ladder to the upper floor. In the upper container, there is a bedroom, a walk-in closet and a small balcony.

This mid-century house with 1548 sqft usage area has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A stylish and modern house has emerged with an innovative design combined with its old design.

When we take a brief look at the house,

Spotlights placed 1m apart on the roof of this container house in Virginia make the house shine like a star in the dark. On the outer covering of the building, which was built in 1946, the integrity of the building was achieved by using coatings similar to the exterior of shipping containers added later.

When you enter the house, wall and ceiling coverings made of birch wood greet you. With the large windows in many parts of the container house, the interior of the house receives a lot of natural light. In general, a simple design prevails in the house. In-wall surround sound and projector system in the living area, a heated floor bath in the container, a kitchen with quartz countertop, a tank-free kettle for heat and efficiency are just a few of the other features of the house.

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Blending old and new, this wonderful shipping container transformation project is waiting for its new owner for $370,000. You can access the listing page here. You can use Contain yourself. RVA Container Home Facebook page for other details about container house.


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