Luxurious Farm Accommodation in a Converted Container

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Wolseley, Western Cape, South Africa.

Today we’re going to show a very different shipping container transformation. In general, we see the sharp lines of shipping containers in container house projects. The building called The Riverstone’s CouplesPod, which we will show you today, has softened corners and has a quite different appearance.

The shipping container project is located in Wolseley, Western Cape, South Africa. The company that brought this magnificent project to life is Innovative Modular Concepts, with which we shared many projects before. This South Africa-based company is doing great with shipping containers. If you want to take a look at the company’s other projects, you can click here.

Let’s briefly talk about the project,

2 x 40ft shipping containers were used in the construction of the project. The two containers are placed in parallel. Then the areas where the containers will have windows, doors and interconnections are cut. Although the core of the house is composed of 2 shipping containers, the most important detail in the project is the curved steel bars on the outside of the shipping containers. These steel bars were welded to the exterior of the containers, allowing the house to have a different look.

Riverstone Couples is located in a nook in our magnificent farm dam with iconic views of Mostertshoek mountain. The double container transformation with a hidden patio and a wood burning stove inside is a great place to spend pleasant times. The interior of the container house is luxuriously decorated and equipped with high quality finishes, furniture and appliances.

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Riverstone’s CouplesPod is designed with a high quality, romantic guest experience in mind.


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