4 Bedrooms Villa Built from Shipping Containers

Samsara container house with the unique design of Indonesia Bali, located in the middle of the rice field, is one of the modern designs that has increased its popularity.

This container house with sea view reflects the villa style with its private pool.

Recycled materials were used in the construction of this container house, which was built in a short time.

It is possible to own this house, which was built with the privileged service of professional institutions, for $297 per night so just click. It will be possible to learn more about the house by examining its details.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

Located in Bali, Indonesia, this design hides its fascinating effect in its interior and exterior design.

The two-storey container house is designed in a steel style. The exterior design of this house, especially the use of eco resources in the quality materials used, shows the house as a very suitable design for environmentally friendly people.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

The wide and beach-facing view of the 4 bedrooms inside the container house also makes the house interesting. As a result of the width and spaciousness of these areas, the living spaces of people are expanding. This house has many amenities for those who adopt a quality lifestyle.

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The structurally large and wide containers preferred in the design of the container house have been more suitable for the villa style of the house. The containers of this house, which were built following current trends and quality standards, are strong against situations such as wind due to proximity to the beach.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

Thanks to the wide view of the pool and the view of the beach, people can easily evaluate the pool in front of the house.

The natural areas where the container house is located also provide a large and spacious garden environment where people can spend their free time.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

Simple furniture, floors, ceilings, glass and other materials were preferred in the simple design and interior design. The villa style Samsara house will be a good model for those who want to live in a quality environment at low cost.

Professional Containers and Interior Design Wonders

If the container houses are designed with a unique architectural point of view in terms of design and durability, they will reflect a modern and luxurious concept by taking the villa-style like the Samsara house.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

As a result, companies that will build container houses assume an important role in this regard and carry out construction. If you want to have a container house in the best possible condition, working with a professional company will help you adapt to the desired conditions.

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If these container houses are preferred, it will be possible to adapt to ensure the continuation of sustainability by using energy more efficiently, as in the Samsara house.

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Image Courtesy of Joshua District

The use of waterproof steel, especially in the construction of houses, eliminates the need to cut down many trees. If you value the environment, this is one of the best options for you.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

The eco-materials preferred in the Samsara house have many benefits in terms of making the house more usable and environmentally friendly. Luxurious and white furniture, kitchen sets, and especially the lamps hanging from the ceiling create the best effect in the interior design of this house.

The interior design of container houses depends entirely on the ideas of the homeowner.

Since Joshua, who designed the house professionally, focused on designing the interior decoration more luxuriously, he generally favored making the house look wider by placing less furniture in large areas.

Image Courtesy of Joshua District

One of the important effects in the interior design of the house is that the windows are designed as full-length glass. In this way, the view of the house is completely outward-oriented and overlooks the beach. In addition, the windows that completely pass the sun also affect the house to be brighter.

Fascinating Exterior Effects with a Unique Appearance

Container houses, which have become popular recently, are built and delivered in the fastest way. The exterior design of these long-lasting container houses is also given importance.

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As a result, one of the most important elements in the exterior design is that the roof is built to cover the exterior. Thus, a more modernized style has been adopted in the exterior design of the house.

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Image Courtesy of Joshua District

In addition, with the staircase details located outside the Samsara container house, the upper floor is connected to the bedrooms by providing access. In this way, modern air has been added to the home design outside the home.

In conclusion, if you want to see a luxury villa style that will appeal to you in your container house, you can contact the manufacturers.