Cozy and Stylish Tiny Container House in Wales

These houses, which have become popular in a short time, reflect the integration with rural life in the best way by offering people a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Especially this container house is presented to people in a minimalist way. For people, Albie’s Nest Container House provides its customers with comfort as well as a visually interesting view with its single storey and terrace.

This house in Swansea, Wales has been created with a simpler interior design, while remaining natural with its interior design. For people who want to stay in this house, it will be possible to make reservations from Airbnb on the desired dates. Click on the link to own this house for $155 per night on Airbnb. In this way, it will be possible to stay in this container house with a rural view, which is interesting with its interior and exterior design.

Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

All the details about the house are best shared for review below.

Care was taken to separate the house from other areas by keeping 30ft intervals at the location of the container house, which has a large square meter area. In this way, with the fences outside the house, life is more focused on private life.

Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

In the interior design adopted inside, a more modernized interior design was preferred by adhering to simplicity and class. A simple design is reflected with the bed and work desk set in the bedroom inside the house.

Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

Thanks to the presence of stainless steel worktops and many items, which are among the most popular materials in terms of design, it can be seen that the house is provided in the best way in favor of modernity.

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Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

With the presence of marble patterns in the bathroom and room in the house, it has been observed that modernity is reflected more.

The patio, fire pit, and garden area outside the container house also have a successful exterior.

Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

It will be possible to spend time and relax in the house with the jacuzzi on the upper terrace where people can spend their free time.

The house is divided into mini sections to maximize energy efficiency. In this way, home efficiency is focused on the best protection. In addition, the presence of hammock-style furniture sets outside the house is also very convenient to watch the scenery outside when you get bored of spending time in the house.

The fact that the house is in a rural area offers people a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, and it is very convenient to meet the needs of people with its proximity to many city center areas.

Image Courtesy of Black Sheep Glamping

Container Home Interior Design

Lizhan, the designer of this perfectly designed container house, has built 4 capsule container houses based on his many years of experience.

The style he adopted in the interior design of the container house especially favored simplicity and modernity. Along with the wooden parquets adopted in the house, the wooden style is generally adopted in the interior design. In addition to this style of interior design, the attention to wood color and black color tones in the furniture sets provided in the house reflects that the house has a home interior design in modern city life.

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One of the most attractive aspects of container houses is that they offer a peaceful and decent lifestyle in scenic areas.

The large and wide glass windows preferred in Albie’s nest, which reflects the container house style in the best way with its view, are also focused on the view.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Exterior Design Elements When Choosing a Container House

As the container house becomes more popular, new exterior design add-ons are starting to appear. People are turning to different styles as they cannot choose between container houses due to the increase in the number of options available.

As a result, exterior design elements such as a wooden jacuzzi, barbecue area and hammock, which will make people happy in exterior design, attract attention.

When choosing a container house, the appearance will be very important, especially in exterior design. A very sophisticated look has been achieved by gluing wooden logs outside a black container, as seen in Albie’s Den. Thus, the wall style, which looks like an outside house rather than a container, has emerged.

Adding a terrace in the exterior design of the container house and creating other facilities such as a barbecue area and fences will be good moves to attract attention. Therefore, make the right choice within yourself.