Carla Dadazio’s Home and Container Office – Brazil

Hi everybody

Today we will show you shipping container house from Brazil.

Are we dreaming to work at home? Then this container home-office is exactly like your dream.

Carlo Dadazio united his home and office in one place and made his dreams come true.

Carla had been thinking about this project for 4 years and continued to research at the same time.

As a result, Carla decided to start construction of the container home-office.

But there was a problem. Since Carla’s budget was not sufficient, he divided the construction into two phases.
First the office is on the ground floor and then the upstairs part of the house.

Since it was the first container construction in the city, it was not easy for Carla to get approval at the first stage.
After a good description, the construction of the building was then confirmed without any problems.

Two HC 40 containers with an internal ceiling height of 2.70 m were used in the project.

A special paint was used to reduce the temperature at the top of the container.

The idea of ​​sustainability was fully discussed in this project.

According to Carla: the idea was to build a different office, recycled and mobile. Carla did it.

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Source : Minha Casa Container