Classic Chevy Themed Tiny Container House

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Keller, Texas, USA.

Wonderful Living in a Container readers, we continue to search for the best for you. The container house we will show you today is located in Keller, Texas.

Every day we see different container structures, but we cannot always see themed structures. This container house has a theme: Classic Chevy. It can be a great choice for people who want different accommodation experiences in different places.

If we talk about the container structure briefly, the house was built using 1×40 FT shipping container. The landlord has two more container houses on the same area. The original shipping container image has been preserved outside of the container house. There is a ladder to climb to the seating area on the roof of the house next to the entrance door of the house. Since the house is in the middle of a magnificent nature, you can have a great time here. The combination of the soft color of the container house and the natural wood look is nice.
While sitting on the bench in the front of the house made of Chevy’s tailgate, you can drink your coffee against nature. There are also comfortable seats on the roof of the house for your comfort.

Let’s talk a little about the inside of the house …

The interior of the container house is decorated in perfect harmony. In general, used white paints and retro appliances create a great ambiance inside. The most striking image in the container house is the table made from the front of a tractor. It is very superb as an image, but we leave it to you as useful. The bedroom of the house is separated from the other side by a wall without a door.
It would have been better if the gray coating on the ceiling of the house had been simpler, but it is also very successful in this form.

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Overall this shipping container was designed as a nod to the machines that helped Texas build, especially the classic chevy truck.

If you want to stay in this themed house in Keller, a city with big city comfort and small town charm, you can access the Airbnb page here.


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