Cowboy Ranch – The Imposing Structure Created by the Combination of Container, Concrete and Wood

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from İğneada ,Kırklareli, Turkey.

Today, we wanted to make a difference and share a structure made with prefabricated containers that we do not share much but we like very much. This beautiful container house is located inside Palivor Farm, which is 15 minutes away from Kırklareli / İğneada province.

In the container house project built on a concrete foundation, 2x24m2, 2x48m2 prefabricated containers were used. By combining the containers with the concrete parts used in the middle and rear parts of the building, a total living space of 385 m2 was obtained.

This magnificent building was completed in 6 months by the father and his two sons without any architectural support.

When we take a brief look at the building, the imposing entrance of the Cowboy Ranch structure is among the first details that catch the eye. This entrance with large glass brings to mind the Adam Kalkin structures familiar to container lovers. The layout of the containers has created a useful structure. In general, we cannot always see such large structures built with prefabricated containers. Looking at this house, we can say that the father and his two sons did a great job.

It is a very nice sight to use the wooden coverings on the outside of the house as raised above the containers and also as balcony railing.

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In the facility, basic and advanced riding trainings will be done with the national rider trainer, as well as a magical experience in longoz forests by making safari with horses.

In the project, which will also offer accommodation facilities in the near future, preparations are made to provide high-level services from the transfer of horses to shelter and care for guests who wish.

You can find more information about this facility called Cowboy Ranch on the Instagram account @phcowboyranch. Cowboy Ranch Instagram: @phcowboyranch


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