$3.295 Million Container Home at Mountain

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Tahoe- Truckee, California, USA.

The home which is going to be discussed here is unique in its location. This home is specified because of its construction in such a difficult place. Shipping containers making an impossible thing possible.

It is completely impossible to construct a home with building materials at difficult places where one time going matters a lot and takes a lot of energy. This home is built through shipping containers made of steel. Let us have look through this luxurious living area.

A shipping containers home in Tahoe-Truckee.

First of all, I will talk about the location of this beautiful home. This home is located at the mountains. If you see amazing pictures of this modular living place, it will mesmerize you. The home is engrossed in snow. Snow falling itself a nature act. One enjoys snow falling and wishes to be at the place where snow falls in his vacation. What about this that you own a home at such place? Of course, this is one of the best things.

Adventurers are most welcomed here because this home is constructed for them. Not a lazy man can come and live here. It is a living place for energetic people. Those will appreciate the location of this mountain modularity without any hesitation.

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Area occupied at the mountain.

This home surprises by its area occupation. This one is not a small in size. As it is very difficult to transfer containers to such place, but owner is very energetic. He made a large sized home there. The area outside the home is 2400 sqft and deck area is 1340 sqft. This is quite a large place for living. This can be a residential place for a large family, and this can be spot for spending vacation for a group. Well, it depends on the persons who want to live in this constructed region.

Indeed, it’s a difficult task to construct home in such location.

It was not easy to shift ready made containers to this location. The mountains are rocky. The rocky pathways make this very hectic to transport something. The containers were constructed at the construction site and then these are fixed here. However, all the construction cannot be done at some other place. After all, containers have to be fixed at the desired place. Fixing of these at the mountain was difficult task. These are fixed here, and final elegant touch is done here.


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Visiting of this home, explore many classy portions which are unique in designing.

The architectural description of this home reveals that this home has all portions with modern facilities. Outer portion has a balcony with proper sitting arrangement. Seating sofas, which are large in size, are placed here with a fireplace in center as the environment is very cold here. The snow falling increases the coldness and it becomes almost impossible to live here without fire in such weather.

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Opening the door, wooden ceiling and floor gives the feeling of warmness. Kitchen is classically designed with all equipment. The kitchen has unique lighting set up. This has all the facilities of microwave, refrigerator, stove, sink, shelves, cabins. The opposite side of shelf has four stools for sitting.

The dining hall is quite large in size. The sitting chairs and a large dining table are placed. The lights are hanged from ceiling. The hall has a wall made of glass windows. The dinner can be enjoyed with slight snow falling outside in night.

The living room has a soft set up to give the touch of warmness. The LED is fixed on front wall and paintings are hanged on the back. The side wall has sliding glass windows to view outside.

This home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This place for modular living is double storey. Upper floor has bedrooms and bathrooms with proper designing. All facilities are provided there.

The terrace is designed to stand or sit on upper floor to enjoy the views in morning or evening. The outer portion of the home also has a hot tub on ground floor. Hot tub is designed here, keeping in mind the cold weather.

Environment and weather of this area.

As described above, weather is intense here. Due to this, home is designed with maximum facilities for keeping this warm. If sun shines in daytime, the sunrays give the feeling of warmness. The sunrays strike with glass windows, reflect back, giving heat to living place.

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But when there is intense coldness and weather becomes cozy enough, snow falling starts. This specially occurs during time. The fireplaces are constructed in this living place to compensate this.

The home is surrounded with snow in pictures. But it depends upon the seasonal changes. If there is summer season, then it is time of melting the snow. Then weather is very nice in this area. No need of fire too much.

Cost of this shipping container home.

This home costs for $3.295 million. This is not expensive considering the luxury of this home for modular living. This home is now on sale. – View Listing – It can be yours if you reach to this. You can enjoy profits by giving this on rents to people going for trips. You can convert this to a small hotel or a restaurant. But most beautiful thing is you can own this. You can live here if you are fond of living at this place.

No doubt, the container homes are unique. If these are established in best way and insulation is done perfectly, then these last longer. Their framework and foundation must be done strongly. This is basic thing in making them durable. This was description of a container home in center of snow on the mountain.

View Listing: forbesglobalproperties.comtmrrealestate.com

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