$220,000 Blue Container Home in New Zealand

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Ohura, New Zealand

Container homes are located in different portions of the world. The people are heading towards the container home rapidly. These container homes are of a lot of interest. Because these are different from other buildings. These have diversity in structures. There are many benefits of container hones. The list is actually very long. Some of these I would like to mention.

These are durable. These last longer if their construction is fone in perfect way. It matters a lot. The insulation and construction in right way, will make your home to live longer.

Shipping containers can be easily transported. Containers of any size will make easy access to construction. This a large help which containers provide.

Containers are versatile and provide variety. These give a wide range of designs. Any design can be made by using them in construction of buildings. This is one of the beautiful things.

These can be modified at any time during your life. The trend for containers is increasing because these provide the facility of design changing at any time. Buildings of concrete material do not give this option.

Today a home is going to be discussed which is also made of shipping containers. To know about all the portions of this simply built container home, you have to go through this article.

A colorful container home in New Zealand.

This home is perfect in its construction. This home is made of three shipping containers. These containers are of 40 feet. The area covered by construction is 76sq meter. Enough place for a family with less members. This home is basically for a single family.

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The containers were manufactured at the working place and then these were transferred to the desired place. This home also has a wide are around the building. This home is for sale. Anyone who wants to own this, can go for this.

Colors of this beautifully designed home.

As you can see, this home is painted in bright color. This makes this home distinctive. The home is painted bright sky blue color.
Have you ever seen a home with this color? Probably not.
Because usually this is not the color for painting a home. But trend is changing. People want to be distinctive in their each and every thing. This desire is forcing them to choose containers in construction with diversity.

Interesting thing is this that this home is bright in outside view but very light from inside. The colors are selected very wisely and these give the feeling of pleasure and liveliness. This must be a choice of that person who loves colors in his life. The inner home is painted in very light color. All material placed inside the home is also colorful. Just go through the pictures. These will help you in understanding.


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Architectural structure of the home.

This home has a single story. The glass is also used in its construction. Within steel shipping containers, concrete material has also been used at various places. These all materials give a final touch to this home. If I talk about various portions of this shipping container home, then this have following areas.

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⦁ A bedroom
⦁ A bathroom
⦁ A living room
⦁ A sitting area outside the building
⦁ A kitchen
⦁ A dining table

Description of various portions in detail.

The house is colorful from inside as well. I would like to call this home a colorful home. When one enters the home, he will see a living room which is totally colorful. Large seating sofas are placed there facing one another. The sofas have bright different colors. Two sofas are arranged nearby which face the fireplace.

The floor is made of wood. One wall has glass windows for viewing outside. The curtains are hanged along the windows which are white in color.

The kitchen is at the other corner. Kitchen has all accessories in white color. The shelves are also in white color. Colorful materials are placed on the shelf also. The supplies are complete for cooking.

The bedroom has a large bed with all the facilities of air conditioning. The front wall has glass window which gives outer view.

The bathroom is painted white which gives a nice look. The laundry system is also available in washroom.

Coming out from the lounge through sliding glass windows, there is an outer wooden deck. Sitting chairs are placed outside for enjoying in morning or evening. The rainy season can be enjoyed here directly. One can have a mug of tea in evening with favorite book here.

Outer view of the home.

This home when viewed from outside, it gives the look of greenery from all sides. The trees are there all around the home. The green grass in outer portion acts as a lawn. The greenery matters a lot in the living place. This world is full of pollution. Person who wants to live in healthy enviroment, must want green areas in his house. These provide fresh air which is necessary for allergic people.

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Price of this living place.

This home is residential place. And this is for sale. Its cost is $220,000. Anyone who wants to avail this, can purchase this by paying this amount to owner.

Rising trend of shipping containers.

If I consider the trend of containers in construction, then it would not be wrong to say this that these are replacing concrete material. No doubt, this material is used along with steel containers, but containers play the major role in construction of living place. The reasons I have mentioned already that these are providing facilities to people. That is why, they are preferring these containers.

This was all about this beautiful and colorful shipping container home. It can be yours with minimum effort.

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