Off-Grid Container Home Design

Visit to a container home is an interesting experience. A person who never go through such a home, he will definitely enjoy this visit.

Observing a home is this that a house has many portions. These portions are discussed when a home is going to be discussed. Moreover, the architectural structure also matters a lot. The material which is used in construction also an important thing which should be discussed.

These homes are residential places as well as guest houses. Further if I mention, these can be other areas. For example, hotels, cafes, resorts, mansions, villas and list goes on.

Containers are used to built homes. Now people are becoming aware of these. Naturally, this is a rule. When a new thing is being introduced to the world, it gets popular slowly. In fact, people get impress by these when they see real magic of the things. Similar act happens with the containers. These are getting popular now because these have proven themselves.

There are many reasons and facts which have proved the facilities and charm of the containers. These provide elegant, beautiful and decent homes as well. A home is very dear to an owner. It is the peaceful place for someone. There are many dreams which a person sees about his home. Surprisingly, these dreams are fulfilling by the shipping containers.


Life Uncontained Shipping Container Home

Containers have been raised in their usage to such an extent that these are also used in the construction of villas and mansions. Definitely, these villas and mansions are beautiful than the buildings with concrete material. Elegant construction dripples down from these buildings.

A home, which is under discussion today, is not located in a simple area. The quality of this lies in its area of construction, charming and fascinating looks and last but not the least, solar system supply of the home. These all things making this home unique. Distinction in each thing matters in this world. This house is for a distinctive person.

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Beautiful living place far away from rush of the world.

This is a white painted container home. It is clear from its paint that the home is decent and peaceful in its looks. The container of 40 foot has been used which is cut to give different shapes. This is located in an open space which is dry rocky area. But greenery us seen around the home because green trees are all around.

The container was made ready at the manufacturing area and then transferred to this place. The home is a little bit higher than the ground level. The foundation and basement are made enough strong for its long term durability.

Outer portions of the white painted container home.

There are many settings which have been done outside the home. There is a swimming tub which is round in shape. This is small size. Rocky floor has been established. The rocky stairs are made to go inside the home.

Various decoration material has also been placed outside the home. Small pots with plants are placed around the borders. Trees are also there for giving the feeling of freshness. The sitting sofa is placed along the rocky stairs. The cozy sofa is white in color. Different colored cushions are placed above the sofa.

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Before entering the home, there is a grilling facility on the side of the porch area. This is for enjoying your evening snacks or night parties. The house is basically for a family. The other portion of the porch has a wooden bunch on wooden floor. This is for enjoying the grilled meat. Yummy!

Listing of different portions of the container home.

⦁ Two bedrooms
⦁ Two bathrooms
⦁ One kitchen
⦁ One dining table
⦁ One living room

Detail of all portions of the shipping container home.

The black colored wooden door is on the entrance of the home. The floor ia also made of wood. The support around the windows of the home is also painted black. The glass has also been used along the containers. This enhances the beauty of the building.


Shipping Container Apartment Design

Unique Shipping Container Home Building

Noble Looking Container House Model

Stepping in, there comes a kitchen with all facilities and accessories. The spices have been placed in the shelves painted white. The area is small but has all the facilities. Nearby, there is desk as a dining table. Three stools for sitting are placed in line.

On the front wall, there are two thin glass windows. Enjoying the meal with raining outside or with the shining sun, is possible. The prepared meal can be enjoyed here as well on the outer bench.

Come to the other side there is a living room. The house is very unique in its decoration. Sitting sofas along with LED are there. But the walls are covered with decorative material. The walls have large glass windows. The sunrays fall directly in this portion.

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The bedroom is with a bed and a closet fixed in the wall. The attire can be set as large space is there. Bathroom Is attached to the bedroom. The showering system is separate from the toilet area by white hanged curtains.

Other bedroom also has the same facilities. One shelf is also there. Bathroom is attached to this with all facilities and similarly, the showering area is separate.

Uniqueness also lies in solar system supply of the home.

This house does nit run on the voltage completely. The house runs on the solar system as well. As the house is located in dry sunny area, the constructer and owner got benefit from its location. The appliances are run through the electricity produced by charging the solar panels when sun rays fall on these.

The refrigerator in the kitchen, the microwave oven, the fans, the air conditioners, water supply in bathrooms and kitchen, lighting of house, all these activities are majorly run through the contribution of the solar system.

If you see the picture of this house in night, it will attract you. As the house is far away from large buildings, it shines alone in the night in this area and this does the magic when one falls in its simple beauty. The lights are also arranged outside the home.

The normal weather, grilled food, light blowing wind, yellow small bulbs, and sitting on the outer sofa, these all will attract the nature lover. A nature lover will never miss the chance to be at such a place.

This was all description about this magical area. Hope so, you will like this one. It can be your living place.

This house was created by designer Priscila Azzini. You can find other videos of the designer here.

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