A Cozy Container Home Oasis with a Pool in Texas

Hey, lovely readers! Guess what? I’m back with another gem of a shipping container home that’s going to make your heart skip a beat. This time, we’re heading to Canyon Lake, Texas, which I’m starting to think of as the “Container Home Capital” of the U.S. Seriously, the designs here are so inspiring, they could make a poet out of anyone!

First Impressions: The Great Outdoors 🌳

Alright, let’s dive right in—literally! The first thing that catches your eye about this house is the pool. Oh my stars, the pool! Usually, tiny homes and big pools are like cats and water—they just don’t mix. But this house defies all norms with a pool that’s almost as big as a 40ft shipping container. It’s like having a mini-ocean in your backyard!

Exterior Vibes: A Splash of Color 🎨

Now, let’s talk about the exterior. This house is dressed in the most adorable shade of blue, accented with wooden details that make it look like it walked out of a home decor magazine. And let’s not forget the spacious deck area complete with a pool and a fire pit patio. Imagine sipping on some iced tea while you soak up the sun. Ah, bliss!

The Layout: Double the Fun 🏠

The home itself is a stacked beauty, with a 40ft shipping container on the bottom and a 20ft one on top. If you’re a regular here at Living in a Container, you might remember we’ve featured similar designs before. (For the newbies, I’ve dropped some links below—don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!)

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Interior Chic: Simplicity is Key 🔑

Stepping inside, the interior is as simple as a lullaby. The blue from the exterior makes a cameo inside, giving the home a sense of continuity that’s just so satisfying. The ground floor hosts the living area and kitchen, followed by a bathroom and a bedroom. Upstairs, you’ll find another bedroom and bathroom, all wrapped in a clean, white palette. The pop of color from the bedspread is like the cherry on top!

The Showstopper: Pool Access from the Balcony 🏊‍♀️

But what steals the show for me is the direct pool access from the upper-floor balcony. I mean, come on, how cool is that?

Booking Info 📅

  • Reservation: Airbnb
  • Nightly Price: $130
  • Rooms: 2 Bedrooms – 2 Bathrooms
  • Shipping Containers Used: 1*40ft and 1*20ft (and another 40ft for the pool, because why not?)

Final Thoughts: Why We’re All Falling in Love with Container Homes 🥰

So there you have it, folks! This Canyon Lake gem is just another reason why container homes are capturing hearts left and right.

They’re not just a trend; they’re a lifestyle. A lifestyle that combines sustainability, affordability, and let’s not forget—oodles of charm!

This particular home, with its poolside luxury and cozy interiors, is a testament to what you can achieve with a little imagination and a couple of shipping containers. So, are you as smitten as I am?