Two Story Shipping Container Home

Homes are made of steel shipping containers and these are rising in trend. There are many reasons behind this fact.

Containers are making various varieties of the homes. And other buildings are also constructed by using steel shipping containers.

Containers are made of steel. The containers are used to transport goods from one place to the other place. These are used to transport goods from one country to another country on ships. In this way, containers have many uses.

Containers are reformed after being used in transportation.

Due to this reformation, containers become comparatively cheaper. Now, a middle class person can also afford a home made of steel shipping containers.

There is trend in this present world that homes owned by persons which are made of concrete material and now those persons are making homes made of shipping containers.

Because they want modernity in their modern house. Due to increase in stylishness, they are making new homes of shipping containers. In this way, they experience both kind of living. Concrete living as well as modular living.

Discovery of container homes for your ease is continued. The purpose behind these discoveries is to inform people about benefits, rates and designs of all container homes made in this world.

This website is for giving you detailed information about the architectural structure of the homes. Homes are as beautiful as seen in pictures. World is making homes full of winsomeness.

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These building structures mesmerise and enchant every person who goes in detail of each structure.

Have you not seen any container home yet? If yes, then go with me. I am going to tell you the interior designing of a container home made for two persons.

Containers are also best in this aspect that these are making every size of homes. They make villas, mansions, as well as small homes for one or two persons. These all benefits make a container home best living place for someone.

Two-storey container home

This home is made of two steel shipping containers. These containers are painted blue black shade. This house is double storey. This has a large terrace are.

Two containers have fixed one above the other to make this living place. Lower container size is 40 feet and upper container size is 20 feet.

At the back of house, a cabin is designed which is made of wooden material. This is extra space which is created for sitting.

Interior of house is painted white

There are many parts which make this house complete.

Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Terrace…

Interior designing of the container house in detail

Interior of house is designed by using various kinds of furniture. Kitchen, living room, bathroom are on ground floor. Living room has seating sofas. There is also a glass window in this living room. Environment of the room is peaceful.

Kitchen is with all kind of facilities. These are microwave, stove, refrigerator, sink and shelves with cabins. Stoves are fixed in the shelf. The stainless steel material has been used in the making of this kitchen.

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Although the bathroom is not very large, it is quite useful. White tiles are preferred on the bathroom walls. As in the rest of the house, wood-like tiles are used on the floors in the bathroom.

Bedroom is on upper floor

Going to upper floor through wooden stairs, there is a bedroom. This bedroom has large bed attached to back wall.

On front, there is glass wall. This is sliding glass window. This is made here for going out easily.

There is closet in this bedroom. Here, too, wood-like tiles are preferred on the floor.

Going outside there is a terrace. This terrace has chairs for sitting. There is also a table there. Breakfast, morning tea or evening snacks are usually enjoyed here with direct contact to weather.

Usually such homes are owned by those persons who enjoy nature in their life. They want to take a deep breath in open environment after rising in the morning. For this, it is necessary that homes should be at the best places. Homes should be made at the site where nature exists.

But, in the past years, it was very difficult to construct home at such place. Therefore, containers come into existence. Bow, containers are providing homes even at the top of hills.

This two-story shipping container house was built by BLACKEAGLE.PR LLC for the Familia Rivera Estremera. Congratulations to both parties on this beautiful container house.

If you like the two storey container houses made with 1x40ft and 1x20ft, I am adding a few more models below, enjoy…

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