Container Home with a Swimming Pool

Uniquely designed homes are choice of everyone. We observe different homes then we come to know that one home never match with other home. This is one of surprising things.

The fact is this that one person does not want similarity in his home. He always demands a home which must be different from other homes. These are various things which make people to think about material and all construction steps of homes.

Due to these needs, people are heading towards container homes. Owners want to own a home which should fulfill all the criteria of housing in their own way. This means they want elegancy and uniqueness.

This desire is increasing day by day. Now, constructers find a solution for fulfilling this desire. Obviously, the person who demands this from constructers and owners, their wish matters a lot.

Now, the housing scheme is depending upon the containers. This means steel shipping containers. These help a lot in the construction of differently designed homes.

The most interesting thing is this that these containers are used for building places at any place of the world. As these containers require less money and time, therefore these are preferring. When these containers match the level of every requirement, then these become first choice.

These all observations clear this that containers are for ease and perfection. When a person steps in a container home and he has never seen such home before, he cannot remain without praising this.

Containers are combined with all materials during construction. This enhances all the beauty. In fact, this is the secret behind the success of container homes. These offer accommodation. Due to this quality, beauty in the construction increases which attract the visitor.

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The container home about which I am going to talk about is also a unique example of harmony of all materials. Glass, wood, concrete all are used in its construction. Let us have a look on this utter home with impressive sights.

A container home with a swimming pool.

This home is made of shipping containers which are set on one another. These are white painted containers. This home has many portions, and it is spread on a vast area. Three shipping containers are used in its constructions. This house is double storey.

Architecture of ground floor of the container home.

This home is posh in its construction. The ground floor is higher than the land. The floor is made of wood. A small number of stairs are designed outside the home. This home is not a simple home. On the ground floor, there is a porch outside the home. Two sitting chairs are placed on one side of the home. The sitting sofa is placed on the other side of the home.

By moving inside the home, there are two portions. There is a living room inside the home. This has two large white colored seating sofas. These sofas are placed facing the LED. The floor is made of wood. The painting is hanged on the wall. The front wall is made of glass windows. Sunrays fall from them.

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Kitchen is with all the accessories. This has refrigerator, oven, shelves, cabins, sink. The stove is fixed at the shelf.

The stairs are deigned on the ground floor. The stairs are black in color. These are straight stairs. These directly go up to the upper floor.

One wall of the ground floor has a window which is made of wood. Wood sticks are used in its making. It occupies whole length of the wall.

Architecture of upper floor of the container home.

Upper floor is occupied by bedroom and bathroom. This is largely designed bedroom with a large bed in it. The bathroom is attached to it with all the facilities. The showering and bathing systems are joined.

The beautiful modern lights are used in this home. The air conditioning system is provided. The walls of bedroom are made of glass which face the terrace.

Terrace of this home is different because it is broad in area.

This home has a terrace which has various portions. The terrace area in one corner of the home lie on the side view. It has sitting arrangement. Chairs with table are placed here. It can be used as a dining table.

The front area represents a balcony. This is surrounded by railing. This also has place for sitting. The seating chairs are also placed here.

Lawn area of the container home.

This home has a large area around which represent a lawn. The grass is there which is well-maintained. The trees are there all around. Greenery is very essential part of the home. The front area, which is entrance portion, is also occupied by green small plants.

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This house has a boundary all around which is made of concrete material. The boundary level is raised by black railing.

Swimming pool outside the home.

One of the unique thing, that this home has a swimming pool which is not the part of every home. The rocky material is used in the construction of swimming pool. The clean blue water is there in this pool. The proper seating arrangement is made around the pool. A long chair is placed to do some rest.

In fact, this can be a site of relaxation of mind in the evening in summer. The person living in this home will enjoy this facility a lot.

Description of the home ends here. This posh home with all the facilities can be your if you want to own this. Just approach this elegantly design home. Otherwise, you will miss this.

If you want to learn more about the design of the house, you can reach designer Perez Sanchez here.

  • 3D Design : Created by Perez Sanchez
  • Created with Lumion 10.0
  • Sketchup 2019


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