Craig & Shauna’s Absolutely Beautiful Container Conversion

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands.

We are here with a great shipping container conversion. Craig & Shauna, the owners of the house we will show you today.

Craig & Shauna started building their container homes in May 2016 to gain financial freedom and have a great home in the future.

The couple used a 3×40 FT shipping container while making this container house.
Concrete piles were nailed to the ground to cut the containers from contact with the soil and keep them above. Containers are placed on thick metal plates placed on these concrete piles.

They built a roof to get rid of the temperature, which is the first problem that container houses have for everyone. Then, after cutting operations for doors and windows, foaming processes for insulation, deck and patio operations, container house has reached this magnificent image.

Looking at the outside of the house, the white color chosen was truly perfect. The blue and red blinds gave the house a very pleasant look from the outside.

Shipping containers can be turned into really cool homes. Before building a house with the classical method, we definitely need to consider containers.

Congratulations to Craig & Shauna couple for making this wonderful house with their months of effort.

You can find more information by following Craig & Shauna’s Instagram account. ( @offthefield_projects)

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