Modern Tuckers Lane Boutique Container House

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from North Rothbury, New South Wales, Australia.

Today, as a team, we will share a container house from Australia, which we love the most. If you ask why it is our favorite country, our answer is very simple. There are many container houses in Australia that are still under construction and they are really cool.

Paul & Carolyn has 5 container houses designed and built using recycled shipping containers on their private property in the hunter valley.

Of these shipping container houses, 3 are 1 bedroom, 2 are 2 bedrooms. All container houses have private deck, barbecue area, private spa free breakfast products, nespresso coffee machine, luxury queen bed, air conditioning. The interior design of the houses is as ambitious as the exterior. We are sure that it will meet your expectations.

Container houses of Paul & Carolyn are located on a 43-acre estate that brings you wildlife and tranquility.

There is no limit to what you can really do using shipping containers. This house, built using only one shipping container, is the best example of this. When it is single, it turns into a simple shipping container, a patio added to it and a glamorous luxury home after a little touches.

If you want to stay in one of these wonderful houses owned by Paul & Carolyn, you can reach the Airbnb page here.

We thank Paul & Carolyn for their unique designs.

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