Discovering the Charm of Container Home Living in Oklahoma

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Southeastern Oklahoma, a new trend in sustainable housing is capturing the hearts of tourists and homebuyers alike. The area around Broken Bow Lake, known for its serene beauty and outdoor adventures, is now home to an innovative housing development: Seek Micro Cabins at The Grove.

A New Way to Experience Home

Imagine a home that blends modern design with the efficiency of minimal living—all within the picturesque backdrop of Oklahoma’s natural beauty. This is what Seek Micro Cabins offers with their thoughtfully designed 40ft shipping container homes.

Quick Facts:

  • Size: 320 Square Feet
  • Age: Built in 2023
  • Levels: 2 Floors, with the second floor dedicated to a roof deck
  • Location: Northern America, United States, Oklahoma

Designed and built by the visionary team at SEEK MICRO CABINS, these homes are more than just a place to stay; they are a lifestyle choice for those seeking simplicity without sacrificing style or comfort.


A Community Crafted for Convenience

Set just outside Hochatown, The Grove is a development that understands the appeal of container living. The developers have carved out a beautiful 25-acre land into one-acre lots, ready for the taking.

The infrastructure is already in place—roads, utilities, and even the bureaucratic hurdles have been handled. This means you can skip the stress of building from scratch and dive straight into the joys of container living.


Financing Made Easy

Thanks to solid relationships with lending partners, financing your container home at The Grove is as easy as falling in love with the concept.

Embracing Nature and Nostalgia

Broken Bow is a hub for those who relish in nature and nostalgia. With attractions like Ouachita National Forest, Broken Bow Lake, and Beaver’s Bend State Park, there’s no shortage of natural beauty to explore. For a dose of small-town allure, Hochatown and the City of Broken Bow are just a stone’s throw away.

The Grove’s Container Homes: A Closer Look

The container homes here are a testament to luxury and sustainability. They start with sturdy concrete pier foundations and are delivered nearly fully-built, ensuring stability and quality.


Home Features:

  • Foundation: Concrete Pier
  • Design: High-end finishes, modern touches
  • Living Experience: Indoor/outdoor focus, elevated decks, luxury interiors

Whether it’s a single or two-story build, each home boasts an elevated deck to soak in the views and wooden cladding that harmonizes with the environment.


A Community for All

The Grove isn’t just for permanent residents; it’s a community that welcomes short-term visitors as well. The developers have everything in place to help owners manage short-term rentals, offering a passive income opportunity for those who desire it.

Join the Container Home Movement

As we follow the growth of Seek Micro Cabins at The Grove, we invite you to become part of this unique community. Whether you’re looking to purchase, stay for a vacation, or simply seeking inspiration, we’re delighted to share this journey with you.

What are your thoughts on this innovative approach to home ownership? Share your views in the comments below and join the conversation about container home living. For more insights into the world of alternative housing, don’t hesitate to visit Living in a Container for this and more.

Container living is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay, offering a blend of simplicity, sustainability, and style. Are you ready to embrace it?