Kan Container House in New Orleans

Insight Into the KAN Residence

Sleek lines, robust steel frames, and a nod to architectural ingenuity, this encapsulates the innovative KAN Residence, nestled in New Orleans’ historic Irish Channel neighborhood. Evolving from an idea conceived post-Hurricane Katrina, this abode is the brainchild of a visionary couple, Kicker Kalozdi and his wife Anne, who turned to shipping container construction as a testament to resilience and durability.

Feature Detail
Container(s) 7
Square Feet 2000
Age Built In 2018
Levels 3 Floors
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Designer/Builder Batture

Step onto a 25-foot-wide lot, overlooking the venerable Mississippi River, and you will find the KAN Residence—a three-floor structure composed of seven used 40-foot high-cube shipping containers. The ground floor, aggregating four containers, welcomes with a living room, kitchen, and bedrooms encompassing a master suite. Above, an office space and another bedroom embrace the second floor with two containers, extending to an expansive roof deck. The pinnacle container on the third floor offers a versatile space with its private terrace.

At first glance, one might expect the shipping container home to span approximately 2,240 square feet; but due to a thoughtful design accommodating soaring ceilings—in excess of 18 feet—the living area compacts to an airy 2,000 square feet.

Delving inside, the austere potential of container living transforms through meticulous touches. A rustic allure radiates from the reclaimed wood-clad accent wall, while a two-story bookshelf embellished with personal collectibles infuses character. Floors adorned with the original container plywood, enhanced with an epoxy coat, amplify the industrial feel, and concrete countertops in the kitchen echo a sense of solidity.

The kitchen, a blend of functionality and style, boasts a granite countertop, a live-edge cedar slab that multitasks seamlessly, and a standout Fisher & Paykel range. Abundant natural light bathes the area, accentuating its minimal design and amplifying the comfort found in living in a container.

Championing sustainability and style, the kitchen features honed granite countertops and a unique Fisher & Paykel appliance selection. Transcending the normative shotgun style, the home’s open floor plan and elevated foundation proudly defy the odds, rendering it impervious to New Orleans’ flooding history.

Kicker’s office, perched above the social nucleus of the dwelling, revels in daylight, whilst expansive decks on both levels serve as prime locales for social mingling and taking in the majestic views. The insulation strategy of closed-cell spray foam combined with split-HVAC units herald a homestead insulated from the whims of weather and utilities.

Embracing a hands-on approach, the couple marshaled the build without a dedicated contractor, engaging with specialists from various trades. Their investment in both time and resources was as much about crafting a dwelling as it was about fortifying their relationship.

Envisioned in late 2016, with the build crystallizing throughout 2017 and reaching completion in 2018, the project was a collaboration demanding diligence and neighborly rapport. Social media and house tours echoed the community’s enthusiasm for the novel container house, which embodied both an investment in the area and a resolve against adversity.

Kicker and Anne’s creation is now more than just a steel structure; it’s a physical manifestation of their journey—a celebration of form meeting function with heartfelt minimal design and a reverence for classic shotgun style. The bedroom, though minimalistic, assures comfort, the kitchen caters to both culinary and social needs, and the living room—the heart of their container home—resounds with shared history and aspirations.

Adjacent to the busy thoroughfares and bolstered by a raised foundation, the KAN Residence stands resilient amidst potential flooding. The outdoor pool and sun-kissed roof deck invite relaxation and entertainment, while the open floor plan heralds modernity coupled with the timeless charm of New Orleans. This shipping container house is not merely a living space but a symbol of reinvention, enduring partnership, and a bold investment—realizing that one can truly live in a container with sophistication and warmth.


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