Fabulous Container House in Winsconsin by Factotum Fabricor

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Today we will show you container house from Grafton, Southeast Wisconsin, USA.

We have recently shown you houses made from dozens of great shipping containers. But this time we are here with a really, very nice container house. The container house is located in the town of Grafton in Southeast Wisconsin. A 6×40 Ft shipping container was used in the construction of the house.

Amy and Kevin Plato, the landlord, gave the construction of the house to Factotum Fabricor, who did super works.

The couple bought the land on which the house was built in 2013, but because they wanted a unique building, the decision was made and the construction started in 2019.

The approximate cost of the house was around $400,000.

The dreams of the couple who have been waiting for years to have a unique structure have come true for us. Because the container house is really great.

The exterior of the house is very ambitious. The image of the steeply placed staircase tower gave the house a different stance. With its large windows, balcony, magnificent harmonious colors, everything has become an integrity.

It is beautifully decorated inside as well as outside the house. Quality materials are used everywhere and an eye-catching design has emerged.

We truly congratulate the Factotum Fabricor LLC team and hope that they continue to do such quality work.
We share the videos about the container house below. Take a look if you want!

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If you want to get information with this magnificent shipping container house, you can reach Factotum Fabricor LLC here.


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