Two-storey House Made in Taiwan with 6 Shipping Containers

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Today we will show you container house from Changhua, Taiwan.

Today, we will show a container house from Taiwan, which we never shared before.

Container architecture is increasing day by day. We are constantly researching and sharing with you so that you can find more information about these structures and see more examples.

In the construction of this different container house in Taiwan, 4x20FT and 2x10FT shipping containers were used.

The first detail that catches the eye at home is the round cut window on the second floor. This detail removed the house from the standard and made it look a little more beautiful.

The patio above the door entrance of the house could also be used as a balcony. It would be a useful area as it will look forward.

The back of the house has a plain and straight look. It has a balcony along the containers and a sunshade made of glass. The seating area at the bottom is simply made. If a little more money had been spent, this part would have been extraordinarily beautiful. Because the space and the environment is very suitable for this.

I don’t want to go through the house without mentioning it. Almost all the interior of the house is covered. The recessed lights and recessed lights on the ceiling created a pleasant atmosphere.

When we evaluate it in general, we see more inspirations of Chinese style in the interior of the house.

Container houses in China, which we shared earlier, have interior designs just like this house. If you want to look, you can reach container houses in China here.

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The global container homes market is expected to rise to $ 61.34 billion in a 6.5% CAGR by 2022. North America is the largest market for container homes with a 39% share in the market.

Container houses market consists of house sales developed using shipping containers. Container house builders use shipping containers to build sustainable and affordable high quality houses. These houses are considered environmentally friendly as they are made from used containers that reduce metal use.


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