Handy Shipping Container House Model Designed with 5 Shipping Containers

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Today we will show you container house model from Brazil.

There is a new trend in the world, the name of this trend is shipping container houses. When you want to build a new house for yourself, you modify the used shipping containers and stack them side by side, on top of each other or in different ways, depending on the model of your house.

If you’ve never been to a home made out of shipping containers, you might think they are simply stacked boxes. Unfortunately the facts are not that easy! Many details are taken into consideration when preparing the plans of the container houses. The most important of these are the division of the rooms and the general design of the building, etc. These plans prove that shipping container houses can be efficient, sustainable, and even exciting!

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why container homes are popular today.
The most important feature of shipping containers is that they are more suitable than traditional architecture houses and construction time is very short. In addition, one of the important features of shipping containers is that they are extremely robust and can withstand almost all climatic conditions.

Note: When you build a house out of used shipping containers, you are doing our world a favor. You contribute to the recycling of thousands of kilograms of steel.

We aim to get you more examples and information about shipping container houses by sharing the projects that have been made in general. From time to time, we show you the models of designers who are interested in shipping container projects.

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The shipping container house model called CLR Residence, which we will show you today, was designed by Brazilian architecture firm Leal Ribas Engenharia e Arquitetura. If you want to get detailed information about the house, you can reach the company’s web page here.


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