Onion-looking Shipping Container House in South Africa

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from George, Western Cape, South Africa.

Today, we will show you a completely different style of container house built in South Africa. Eco Coconuts, the name of the structures built on a pristine landscape. On the land are these great looking container houses and other structures.

You can access the Airbnb page of this house rented by Buff and Fellow here.
If you want to stay in this shipping container transformation project, the prices are around $ 125 on average.

One of these onion-looking houses is designed for 4-6 people and the other for 2-4 people.

The interiors of the houses, as well as the exterior, are decorated very successfully. Possible to see the luxury breezes.

The wooden headboards attached to the back of the beds in the main bedrooms of the houses and reaching up to the ceiling brought a different modernity to the rooms.

The use of unpainted wood in interior decoration can be particularly beautiful in white-themed homes. In this structure, it is one of the houses that are in harmony.

Container houses are built on foundations made of old stone bricks. Container houses were factory built and installed on site by Innoative Modular Concepts, one of the most successful container contractors in South Africa.

If you would like to see other houses of Innoative Modular Concepts, you can check out other projects here.

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The most important detail of the project is the wooden exterior covering that gives the houses their unique appearance. The most important detail of the project is the wooden exterior covering that gives the houses their unique appearance.

When you look at the houses from afar, they stand out enough to allow you to examine them in more detail by saying ‘wow, what is this?

Probably without these wooden lines, container houses would not have received this much attention. A cheap and highly recyclable architectural detail …

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