Modern Shipping Container House Connected with Existing Cottage

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from South Africa.

Today, I will bring you a shipping container project I liked very much from South Africa.

Rina-Marie and Niel also lived in a 90 m2 cottage located on the family farm. The couple, who had two children, started to find this area no longer enough and they decided to enlarge the house.

In making this transformation, the two did not want to spoil the unique character of the hut that dates back to the late 1700s. Right here, Rina-Marie made a radical decision, “We didn’t want to build the new piece to fit the cottage and make it look old. Instead, we planned a very modern addition so that we could clearly see the difference between old and new and thus preserve the attractiveness of the existing home.” .

We always say that the houses that can be built with shipping containers are limited by your imagination. These unique houses are built sometimes with a container, sometimes with 10 containers. But usually the result is really great. Of course, not every house built with shipping containers is perfect. We need devoted work and of course money to achieve the design we think of.

There are dozens of designs made from two shipping containers opposite each other. If you want to examine the others, I leave a few links to the houses in this model.

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The most important feature of this container house that differs from the simple design is its roof. When we look at the house, the roof attracts more attention than the container. Rina-Marie and Niel couple designed the house so beautifully that the front of the house is almost completely glass. The fronts of the containers, the part between the containers and even the attic are glazed. In this way, you can feel as if you are outside in the house.

The transition between the old house to ensure integrity is like passing from the past to the future. On the one hand, a house whose origins date back centuries, on the other hand a modern and contemporary building. Rather than enlarging or renovating the old house, this is the right choice.

The interior decoration of the house is very simple and elegant. There is an all-white decoration inside as opposed to the dark color on the outside. The harmony of white color and wood in the house is perfect. The woods seen on the roof also created a very beautiful image.

Photography by: @ewaldsadie
Container build by: @topshellcontainers
Construction by: Qasim Jakoet


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