Hideaway Litchfield – The Transformation of a Shipping Container into a Gorgeous Home in Australia

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Today we will show you container house from Rakula, Northern Territory, Australia.

Hello from Australia, the land of great container homes. We have shown you Hideaway Litchfield (Cabin Two) before and it was very popular. Today we will show you Hideaway Litchfield (Cabin One).

This house made from recycled shipping container is really one of the houses I like the most.
With its modern appearance, peaceful location and magnificent view, this container house allows people to forget everything and start life again.

In Hideaway Litchfield (Cabin One), a living room and a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, a large and luxurious ensuite has been added and open.
There is an open deck that combines both rooms for a relaxing and barbecue dinner in the air.

While building the container house, a 40 feet shipping container was used.

This container was divided into two, and after the window and door sections were cut, it was placed in a way that there would be a gap between the two containers.

Later, the containers, including the space in between, were covered and gained great looks. When we look at this wonderful house, it is impossible not to be impressed. This is the story of transforming one container into a beautiful lux house.

It is an example of a container architecture with every detail thought, with its deck, roof, large doors and windows in front, and its curved cut structure on the side.

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When we look inside the house, quality materials are used and simplicity is emphasized. The materials used in the kitchen and bathroom are carefully selected and impressive despite having a simple design.

If you want to stay in this container house, you can reach the Airbnb page here.


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