Impressive Cascade Locks Container House from Relevant Buildings in Oregon

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Today we will show you container house from Cascade Locks, Oregon, USA.

Another great container house from Relevant Buildings.
Relevant Buildings, which made the most admired container houses of recent times, did not surprise us again and signed a magnificent structure.

We can use the Originality, Toughness, and Economics trilogy to define redesigned shipping containers.

This gorgeous home was built in Oregon using a 2×40 FT shipping container. Overlooking Lake Columbia in Cascade Locks, Oregon USA, this shipping container house is 783 sqft in size. A magnificent structure has been revealed by considering all the details inside and outside the house.

While the container house is being constructed, the 2×40 FT shipping container is cut horizontally and joined together side by side. Relevant Buildings manufactured the parts of the container house off-site and after being moved to the construction site, they were placed on the foundation concrete with the help of cranes. The foundation concrete was prevented from being affected by moisture by cutting the house’s contact with the ground.

The house has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The house, which was built in 2020, now has a sales price of $ 297,000. If you want to go to the ad, you can reach the link below.

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In order to use some parts of the house more useful, the container was cut and extended to the outside.

The best feature of the house is the iron railings made for the growth of ivy flowers in front of the house. We can already imagine how beautiful the image will be when the flowers are wrapped around the iron.

Let’s not finish the subject without mentioning the interior design. No expense has been avoided in the interior of the house and an extraordinary modern decoration has been made. The wood used at the junction of the floor coverings and containers are super compatible.

We congratulate and thank the manufacturer Relevant Buildings for this beautiful home.


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