House Project Expanded with Containers

Living places are made for spending life. Returning back from work in evening demands a comfortable place. Spending holidays at Hill Station demands a place full of necessaries.

These living places arcade according to a specific architectural structure by using specified materials. These materials can be of any kind present in the industry.

It depends o choice of the owner which material he is going to use. If he lives modernity, he will obviously go for something new and modern

What are containers?

This is a question which may be present in many minds. These are new and people know less about them. But people are curious because containers are increasing in trend.

Now, there are many buildings which are made by using steel shipping containers. There will be a day that these buildings will become countless.

Containers are made of steel and are very hard and resilient. These are firm structures which make basic framework of any living place. These are used in replacement of concrete material. Use has been increasing day by day.

There are two basic sizes of containers, 20 feet and 40 feet are used in construction industry. These are also used to transport goods from place to place. Then these are reformed and become available at cheaper prices for construction purposes.

Many homes are made of shipping containers.

There are any homes for living which are designed after using shipping containers. These are located at different sites in world. Mostly, these are located at the visiting places. These are guest houses.

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Containers offer living facility near international ports.

A home Is going to be discussed which is again made of shipping containers. It has been discovered to inform about the detail interior designing of the house. Let us step in this living place.


Light grey painted container home offering modular living.

Living in a container house is modular living. This house has been made after using many steel shipping containers in combination. There is a combination of large as well as small containers. This house is double storey.

Shipping containers have been designed at the working place. These containers become available to fix at the desired place. At work shop, these are cut to some extent according to architectural structure. Remaining work is done where building is going to stand. Containers are joined finally here and then they get fixed on hard base.


Interior designing of this container house

There is a large wooden gate at the front of the home. This plays the role of entrance. Then there is a living room. This room has large seating sofas and proper arrangement for living room.

Kitchen is with proper set up. This has all facilities. These are set according to basic needs. These needs include wooden cabins, refrigerator, stoves, microwave. There is work of wood in kitchen and lights are fixed in ceiling.

Bedrooms are made according to modern facilities. Sliding window are there in rooms. These give view of outside. Bathrooms are attached with bedrooms.

Why containers are raising in trend ?

These are used at greater rate because of benefits of steel shipping containers. These benefits have long list.

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Shipping containers provide homes at cheaper prices.

These become more affordable after reforming. So, these are much cheaper than the homes made of concrete material.

Steel shipping containers are providing homes at different places like hill stations and deserts. Oceans and beaches have also been noticed. These are transferred easily to such places. This is basic reason behind increased use of shipping containers.

Containers are also more durable if their maintenance has been done. Every thing needs care to maintain. If maintenance is not done, them things got damaged.

Similarly, shipping containers also demand this. If these are maintained, these last longer than 25 years. A large time indeed.

To do this, foundation of any container house must be resilient enough. It is done by using concrete material or iron pillars. Some container homes are set higher than the ground level. These are set on strong iron pillars.

Shipping Containers offer more designing. This designing is exactly according to modern architectural structure what people are demanding. Due to this modernity facility, containers are demanded by the persons who are going to make any building. These are benefits which are making containers unique. Thanks.