Shipping Container Home in Michigan

If you have been searching for a special container house design for yourself, get ready to take a look at Ferndale Container House waiting for you.

This container house, which is intertwined with nature, is located in a private area with many container houses. You can be sure that you will be amazed by this place that will appeal to you as a location.

Constructing this container house, which was built in a short time, with recycled materials will be an indispensable choice for environmentally friendly customers.

If you want to stay in a house where you will feel peaceful and comfortable, the elegant appearance and modern design of this house will impress you.

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Stephanie Coyle, co-founder of Forever Home, one of the designers of the container house, and Dee Tignanelli, owner of Alpha to Omega Properties LLC, co-built this house.

Built with the privileged service of professional institutions,

this container house was sold on May 3, 2019 for $415,000.

Get ready to have more information by examining the details of the house.

Container house living room – Photo : a2oproperties

The style of the two-story container house is made of wood and steel. Simplicity predominates in the exterior design of this house, where quality materials are used in particular. If you are in favor of simplicity in terms of design, the exterior colors of the house will attract you.

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Container house kitchen – Photo : a2oproperties
  • The container house has many areas such as the dining room, kitchen, living room, terrace, and garden. Thanks to the large and spaciousness of these areas, the living space of people increases. It would be appropriate to choose this house design for a quality lifestyle.

6 Containers and a lot of Creativity

  • 5 1/2 shipping containers were preferred in the design of the container house. The containers of this house, which were prepared with the quality standards in mind following the trend, were chosen to be resistant to weather conditions.


  • According to house styles such as apartments and villas, with an area of ​​1808 sqft, it offers you a larger area than many houses at affordable costs. You can be sure that you will like this house, which will appear with its elegance among such houses that are increasing in popularity day by day around the world.
Container house made from 5 and half shipping containers – Photo : a2oproperties

The natural areas at the location of the container house also offer a large and spacious garden environment where people can spend their free time. In these gardens and natural areas, it will be possible for children and families to spend their free time and use them for hobby purposes.

Container house bedrooms – Photo : a2oproperties

With its luxury design and top quality furniture, floors, ceilings, glass etc. preferred in interior design, this house is a very high quality container house.

Photo : a2oproperties

If you want to experience quality living conditions at an affordable cost, container houses will always be one of the first choices.

This property, which was built jointly by professional companies and located in a decent location, is just one of the buildings that can set an example for you.

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Container Houses Built with Professional Company Success

Container houses should have a special architectural perspective in terms of design and durability. For this reason, companies that will build container houses have a very important place in this regard.

If you want to have a container house in the best conditions, you should choose professional companies. In this way, you can have a home that will be built for you in a short time.

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In addition, Stephanie Coyle, co-founder of Forever Home, who can provide you with all the advantages, and Dee Tignanelli, owner of Alpha to Omega Properties LLC, continues to present their best work for you.

The container houses of these companies, which have made professional progress since 2016, continue to be sold. When you choose these container houses, you will adapt to ensure the continuation of sustainability by using energy more efficiently.

In particular, the construction of houses using waterproof steel also puts an end to the cutting of many trees. If you are nature friendly, this type of house will be one of the best options for you.

  • The prices of the companies generally vary according to the number of containers used in container houses and the quality of the materials. After choosing your dream container house, you can find out the price ranges by examining the most suitable houses for you.


  • It will be in your hands to choose the interior design of container houses. If you agree with a professional company, an interior and exterior design that will appeal to your eye will be provided for you. For this reason, you can contact your company’s officials and have information about the details and focus on making progress.
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Focus on making progress by paying attention to the professionalism of your company. The construction of the container house you are examining by professional companies has increased many demands.

Especially with all the advantages preferred during the construction phase, choosing this type of container house will increase your quality of life.

Durable Container House Preference With Its Unique Appearance

Container houses, which have been the favorite of many people lately, are making rapid progress in terms of construction.

It will be a plus point for you that these durable container houses will be delivered to you in a short time. For this reason, if you want to escape from the chaos of the city and get away from the properties there, choose your house and have your container house in a short time.

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In particular, our company will continue to work to create the house of your dreams for you as soon as possible. After choosing the interior and exterior design that can appeal to you, you can leave yourself to us to create the property you like.

It will be possible for you to own a property that will stand out with its modernity and luxury appearance as quickly as possible.

  • As a result of a professional experience, it will be in your hands to have a decent life that appeals to your eyes and is intertwined with nature. Therefore, choose your container house by making the right choice and start shaping your lifestyle with your container house.