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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Hội An, Vietnam.

Up till now, we explored and went through many container homes with detailed discussion. These homes are made through steel shipping containers which are reliable and trustful because of their mentioned qualities. Different homes made of shipping containers have been discussed. We tried our best to make your access to different container homes for your ease.

Homes, apartments all have been described very well. Today, the article description is for a new place for modular living. Rich people demand rich places for living. These are termed as villas or mansions. These are widely built living areas with a lot of money generally.

Usually, villas cannot be afforded by people with limited budget. Many villas are constructed in the world through traditional materials. This article will inform you a villa made of containers. People assume that containers can only be used for a small home construction. This villa reject this opinion. Let us have a look on this beautifully and impressively designed white painted villa in a country of Asia.

Villa by real estate in Vietnam.

The location of this residential area is in Vietnam. This country is well-known for its natural spots. Nature has bestowed this with hills, beaches and all other places for visiting. This country is a site for tourism. Villas are mainly designed in such countries. Tourists enjoy living in villas during their holidays. Not only this, but a nature lover man can also permanently live in this country in his own villa by buying this.

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Swimming pool is part of large sublime living places.
The villas and mansions are recognized through their wide areas and pools. This villa also has a swimming pool. This pool is located in front of the villa. Swimming pools are added to any living place to enhance the quality. This does the same.

Large lawn with planned green grass.

This container villa is surrounded with a broad green landscape. This adds beauty to this villa. Lawn and greenery in living place are for calmness. This calmness becomes an attracting feature in morning, evening, and during rain. This villa is made of containers which are painted white. So, combination of green and white is quite peaceful.

Steel shipping containers are joined together.

The construction time for this villa is longer than other container homes. All other sources have also been used more than any other place. But all these things are still lesser than traditional villas. The shipping containers which have been used for its construction are 10 in number. ( 4x40ft and 6x20ft )These are cut, joined, modified, designed and fixed according to the architecture. The basic thing which has to take care in construction of living place made up of steel containers that these should be protected with layers of insulation. The purpose of this that these should not be damaged by weather changes.

Architecture of this splendor villa.

This villa which gives a magnificent look in its first view is designed wonderfully. The villa architecture covers all the portions. On entrance, there is a porch moving upstairs. White colored tiles have been used to make floor. Sofa and chairs are placed in this area.

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The foundation of the villa is set higher than the ground. The containers are not placed directly on the ground. The reason behind this is that containers may not damage by the direct pressure on the ground. The foundation is set resilient for long term protection of containers.

Double storey is designed for this villa.

Usually, villas have two floors. These are large in breadth not in height. On ground floor, the living room is designed. It gently faces the outer area. Sitting in the room, one can easily see outside. Wood doors have been used to separate one area from the other interiorly.

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Kitchen is designed with all the things of use. LED lighting system is supplied in whole place. In kitchen, it brightens up the area during night. Shelves are designed for keeping all the things. Obviously, these are basics of any residential area.

Upper floor has bedrooms. Bedrooms are decorated with beds and closets. The bedrooms are also joined with their terraces. Bathrooms are attached to bedrooms. Showering and bathing systems are maintained. The containers walls play the role of separation because these are ten in number.

Black colored railings with glass slides windows.

This villa has black colored railings all around. The railings surround terrace, balcony, and stairs. The black and white combination is really cool.

Moreover, the glass slides windows in large size are added to this villa. The steel containers are fitted with glass slides after leaving space according to architectural design. Usage of glass windows and doors in construction of homes and other living spots has become common because this gives a discerning look. It impresses the person who loves a sophisticated and sublime area for living. This villa has many glass slides in its design. The glass doors are made in bedrooms for coming out to the terrace region.

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Cost and area of this luxurious container villa.

This posh villa is on the area of 1000 sqft to 3000 sqft. The budget varies among $100k to $500k. This is a big amount because this is an elegant living place with a large area of construction. ( Other Luxury Container Homes )

Containers homes give benefit during disaster. These become readily available during this time and demand less amount of budget. Additionally, these can be set at any place. No specific town is required for living in a container home. This was all about this villa designed with shipping containers.

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