Off-Grid Desert Container Home

Shipping container houses can host you in the most unusual areas you would want to stay in. Those who want to live in an area where there is no residential area can choose a container home.

If you are planning a different holiday and want an unusual accommodation, container houses may be for you.

Shipping container house design can be quite minimalist. It is possible to say that minimalism has dominated the world in recent years.

What would it be like if you had a tiny house that you know is yours, that you can go to whenever you want?

The idea of a container house can simply come to life in the minds of many people and they can be in doubt about the house. Although the structure of the house is generally made of shipping containers, its interior consists of a completely normal house structure.

Interior and exterior view can be adjusted according to preference. The range of options for the container house is extremely wide. As you explore it, it can become unbearable. Choosing from so many beautiful and diverse options can be difficult.

Renovating a 40ft shipping container can be an interesting and unique challenge for anyone looking to create something original for Airbnb.Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua

Single Shipping Container House

The surrounding of the container house you have seen is quite deserted and there are no houses around. It is quite logical to choose a container house in this area.

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If you consider a lot of details such as the cost of building the house and the shipping cost of the materials, the container house will be the most logical. Located in a deserted area where you want to relax away from everything, this house reflects the environmental conditions well.

The opportunity to turn an empty shipping container into a cozy yet modern living space can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it’s done right.Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua

A Large Veranda

The exterior of the house has an elongated roof. Extending the roof forward provides a wider usable area at the front.

This evaluation of the area was made in order not to prevent external conditions from preventing your work. You can sit and spend time in this area, which provides protection from harsh weather conditions. The area can be preferred for barbecue.

Spend some much needed time in nature when you stay in this unique container home located in Terlingua, Texas!Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua


The container house is designed to be lived off the grid. With a large water tank that can be filled with rain water and solar energy panels positioned next to the house, the shipping container house is thought to be self-sufficient.

This 40ft shipping container has been expertly renovated and is available for rent on Airbnb for just $211 a night. – Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua


There is a kitchen and an armchair at the entrance of the container house. The kitchen design is quite modern and simple. There is a long window in the kitchen section and it makes the house brighter.

Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua

There is a small armchair and coffee table right next to the kitchen counter. The part that the chair looks at is the corner part covered with a window and can see the outside completely. The fact that there is a window instead of a television in this corner shows what you should watch.

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Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua


Beyond the entrance is the bedroom and bathroom. Right next to the bed is a large window throughout the house.

The windows offer a great opportunity for you not to miss the magnificent view brought by the summer and winter months.

Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua


The bathroom is quite large. In the bathroom, light-colored items that dominate the whole house were preferred. Having a window in the bathroom is good for all parts of the house to receive sunlight.

We can say that there is a special care in every detail of the container house.

Image Courtesy of @elcoyoteterlingua

If you’re thinking about living in a container home, be sure to check out our huge selection of designs for inspiration. You’re sure to find something that suits your needs and taste.

So if you’re interested in learning more about shipping container houses, be sure to check out the Living in a Container today! What are your favorite container homes?

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