‘On The Rocks’ Shipping Container House with Fantastic View

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Rising Fawn, Georgia, USA.

We shared hundreds of shipping container house projects, but we were not so excited about any of them. The container house we’ll show you today is very different from the usual. Since the design of the house is unorthodox, you want to take a closer look the first time you see the house.

This wonderful container house that stands out with its interesting shape is located in Rising Fawn, Georgia. We are even more surprised to find out that it was the 2 x 20 FT shipping container that made this house uncover. It is useful to remind the motto we always say. There is really no limit to your designs with shipping containers. Your limit is your imagination.

The most striking detail of the shipping container house is the penthouse built on the containers. The roofline of this cargo container imitates sail wings passing through the nearby flight park.

A really clever architecture was used when designing the container house. One of the containers is positioned a little further than the other. In this way, both a small terrace was obtained and a bedroom area with a view from all sides was obtained in the attic.

When we look inside the house, we see a general white dominance. We see a very high quality and simple decoration. The house has so many windows that it is not possible to be bored inside! It is really bright inside.
You may not understand how time will pass in front of the magnificent view while sitting on the folding bed in the attic.

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Designed for 2 guests, this house can sleep 4 in total with an additional queen-size bed in the attic. If you want to stay at On The Rocks, you can access the Airbnb page here. If you want to watch it, we add Levi Kelly’s home tour video below.

Photo Credit : @findyourrepurposeWander Chatt – @levikellyAirbnb


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