Pink Container House

Pink container facility is located in the city of Driftwood, minutes from Wimberley and Austin.

Facility offers very easy access to many foreign and local tourists. Easy transportation satisfies customers. There are many different venues around facility, such as Hays City Store, Salt Lick BBQ, where you will have great food and fun.

Facility with the perfect pink container house is just minutes from the city of Wimberley. As long as you stay in facility, you can spend your day in the shops and restaurants in the city center.

Facility is very close to the Golf course. You can enjoy playing golf. However, there are swimming and walking tracks in the Regional Park.

Container houses offer their users the most efficient and fast accommodation solutions with high quality and standards. Container houses are one of the most preferred products, especially during the pandemic period.

The Pink Container House Features

The container house is made of a 40 ft cargo container. The pink container house is the perfect house located in the city of Driftwood.

Container House is designed as a 320 sqft tiny house. The container house is very modern and shiny looking. You will have a very fun and unique time at the container house.

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The pink container house is located in a natural environment and on mountainous terrain. Transportation to the place where the container house is located is very easy. It is very interesting for visitors and customers that the pink container is extremely convenient and comfortable.

There is a large and large bedroom in the pink container house. In addition, there is a queen bed in the container house. There is also a folding sofa. You can sleep by opening the folding sofa. So, there are 3 beds for sleeping.

There is a charming bathroom inside the pink container house. The bathroom is tiled. There are all the ingredients in the kitchen in the container house. It has a well-equipped bathroom design. The bathroom in the container house has all the shower facilities. There is a mirror in the bathroom.

This container house has all the necessary and available facilities and all necessary items.

You can easily prepare your favorite dishes. There is also an indoor dining area overlooking the communal entertainment deck.

Container house is located just outside the front door to the entertainment area. The pink container house is designed to host guests and customers who come here magnificently. It has a magnificent entertainment area. You can enjoy nature with container house life.

In addition, facility has a host deck. You can get together with your friends on this common deck. There is an open kitchen, refrigerator, big screen TV, chef’s grill, seating area, plenty of food, and many more amenities.

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The container house has a hammock outside. Guests can relax in a hammock and relax with their favorite drinks. Driftwood land is in an area of 5 acres. There are hiking trails, especially for nature enthusiasts. Many guests have a pleasant time walking on the hiking trails.

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The pink container house is located in Driftwood, our facility is just minutes from the cities of Wimberley and Austin.

Living in a Container House

People especially prefer container houses to quit traditional life and live in a different area.

Container houses made with shipping containers have only one beauty. Simple and comfortable houses with gardens, which have always been the dream of people, are provided with container house design.

Life is very comfortable in the container houses.

Customers who come to the container house will have a magnificent natural view. Pink container house are made of shipping containers.

The container houses are designed and manufactured specially for modular living.

  • Container houses are sets up in a very short time.
  • Setting up container houses requires fewer costs.
  • Container houses save time and money.

It offers a stylish and perfect look with container houses. However, the architectural design of container houses is perfect. The beauty and architectural design of container houses can be further enhanced by landscaping.

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Container house in facility are designed to create the most suitable solution for the needs in the garden, field, and various areas. Container houses offer a very warm environment. Container houses have bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, and kitchen areas.

Very stylish designs can be made with different types of containers.

Container houses are designed in a variety such as double-story, single-story, with veranda or roof.

Container houses can be moved and installed from one section to another whenever we want. Container houses are very easy to set up. In container houses, electrical installation and water supply are ready.

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With container houses, both comfort and comfortable living spaces are created and presented to the use of customers.

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