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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Elizabethtown, PA, USA.

Shipping containers are so big, that they can be used as a home. This brilliant idea when shows up then so many things getting change. The way of living is changed since that idea comes up.

Shipping containers are now not only used to ship things from one place to another place they are also so being a very big part of the living. The shipping containers don’t just give us a different way of living it also is way more modern and luxurious.

The shipping container houses are also budget-friendly and just because they are shipping containers. They are movable. this is very fascinating and impressive to think that you can move your whole house to another place. Today in this article we will talk about a very beautiful tiny rental container house which is placed in Pennsylvania. So just read this article till the end. ( Life Uncontained )

This tiny container house is placed in Pennsylvania where are 30 to 40 other container houses are placed. This container house is tiny and the unique design of this container house makes it very minimal. Being a tiny minimal shipping container house. It still also helps you to fulfill all the basic needs.

This shipping container house has wheels so you can move it to any place with the with the help of a heavy vehicle, the moveable unique design of this container house did not just allow you to take the house to whatever place you like, it also gives you a different way of living experience every time.

The exterior of this shipping container house has a light greyish Matt look which feels so minimal and slightly modern.

The backside of this container house has minimal graffiti which is written in English “Fika” with white paint it which gives it a more minimal look. ( The Executive Container Home )

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There is a small deck on the first end of the shipping container house, on that and the doors of the shipping containers are open and very creatively they made a small deck that did not just allow the air to go through for the air ventilation of the shipping container house, it also ambient light to brighten up the container house.

Just because there is a deck you can enjoy your coffee or tea with some fresh air while standing on the deck.

On another end of that container house have a big glass window which led the ambient light to brighten up the wall shipping container house.

The small wooden stair box is placed right close to the main wall of the shipping container house, which leads you directly to the entrance of this container house. The wooden stair box is connected with the little patio area with a a couple of chairs, which is very good for Hangout and outdoor experience.

This shipping container house has a single shipping container that still has all those stickers which have shipping container’s detail that give it looks like it still an ordinary shipping container but it is way more than a shipping container.

The entrance of this house is made of a glass door that directly connects you to the open living space area.

There are two couches on your left when you enter the container house which is facing the flat-screen LED TV which is mounted on the wall. The couch is easily turned into a bed for more sleeping areas.

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The big window is covered with some beautiful curtains and when you remove the curtains then the whole living space area brighten up and feels bigger which is very good for the living space, right next to the living space area there is a very large kitchen which is fitted with all the important appliances and essentials which are enough to cook anything and there is one the window which is close to the kitchen sink and there are two more windows right front of the kitchen sink which allows air circulation and ambient light.

The downside of the two windows which are facing the kitchen sink, where is a small piece of wooden table mounted, close to that wall mounted table there are two chairs where you can sit and have a daily meal together with your partner.

( Shipping Container Homes Ontario )

The downside of the countertop of the kitchen has a lot of cabinets that are enough for storing kitchen essentials, right next to the kitchen countertop there is a refrigerator which makes it a complete kitchen.

The hallway leads you to the bathroom of this container house which is very impressively built.

The entrance of this bathroom shows you the washbasin with a large circular a mirror where you can wash your face and right next to the washbasin there is a white toilet seat, right next to the toilet seat there is a black tiled shower box where you can have a peaceful bath after the long busy day if you keep following the hallway then it will lead you to the sliding wooden door which connects you to the bedroom of this container house, after entering the bedroom of this container house, there is a washing machine on the left which upside have additional storage box shelf where are some clothes our placed and after that it will lead you to the bedroom.

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The bedroom of this shipping container house is so minimal and efficiently build which is so impressive, the bedroom has a full-size bed with ample amounts of pillows which are facing the big sliding glass doors which connects to the deck, oxide of the glass doors.

There is another flat-screen LED TV which is facing the bed and on the left, there is one wall-mounted fan, the bed has a sliding draw where is enough storage to store family accessories and with these black curtains which are placed on the glass door ​make this a complete bedroom if you open the sliding glass doors they lead you to the small deck of this container house which has a future where you can set and it gives you incredible view from the deck. This rental house is a very good option to stay in it has almost everything that you need and it also gives you a different experience of living.


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