Boxes Reborn: Stylish Home from Shipping Containers

There’s a certain charm in witnessing the revival of old, forsaken iron boxes, repurposed to serve entirely new functions.

Allowing these metal containers to decay without use not only harms our environment but also carries negative repercussions. Fortunately, in today’s world, more and more people are recognizing this peril and showing a growing inclination towards embracing recycled products.

In the spotlight today is an inspiring story of how four 40ft shipping containers underwent a stunning metamorphosis, rising from the ashes to become a truly exceptional home.

Leading the narrative is Audrey Stevens, a self-proclaimed #mother‍, #crafter, #Author, #bookreviewer, #traveler, and Disney Lover, as showcased on her Instagram account. @audreymstevens

Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens

Nestled in the heart of Camby, Indiana, this container house is a creation of Rock Creek Container Homes. This company, renowned among enthusiasts of shipping container architecture, handled the container supply for the project. The remaining aspects of the house evolved as a labor of love for the couple behind it, who embarked on a do-it-yourself journey.

Upon gazing at this shipping container home, it becomes evident that the couple has ingeniously translated these containers into an abode that exudes remarkable style.

Designing with Containers: A Harmonious Blend of Form and Function

The design is characterized by two 40ft containers standing on each side, elegantly bridged by wooden elements that form a spacious living area and an inviting patio.

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Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens

Notably, the wooden structures placed in between rise higher than the containers, allowing for ample natural light to grace every corner of the house through skillfully added windows.

Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens


The visual appeal is elevated by the harmony between the triangular central roof and the sloping roofs of the flanking containers.

Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens

The interior of the container house impresses with its understated yet practical layout. The color palette and furnishings intertwine seamlessly, resulting in an ambiance dominated by gentle and welcoming design elements.

Dreaming Big with Recycled Resources

This remarkable transformation stands as a testament to the potential locked within four recycled shipping containers and a dash of creativity.

The couple’s journey serves as an inspiring example, whether you aspire to craft a personal haven or seek to capitalize on platforms like Airbnb.

Container homes have emerged as a favored architectural choice, offering an appealing blend of sustainability and functionality.

Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens

Containers: A Trending Lifestyle Choice with Scenic Vistas

Across the globe, the trend of container living continues to gain momentum. Among its numerous advantages, the captivating views from container homes stand as a true marvel.

These metal boxes, often overlooked when they roll by on the back of a truck, have the power to metamorphose into homes that capture the heart with just a touch of innovation.

Perhaps it’s this very ability that endears us to container houses—an embodiment of transformation and aesthetic allure.

As we conclude, the question lingers: What’s your perspective on the allure of container homes?

Image Courtesy of @audreymstevens

Embrace the World of Container Living

Dive into the realm of container living with a wealth of inspiration waiting at your fingertips. “Living in a Container” stands as your go-to resource for a multitude of captivating container house ideas.

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If you’re nurturing the dream of crafting your very own shipping container home, be sure to explore the myriad examples showcased on our blog. Your journey towards a unique and sustainable living space begins here.


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