Unique and Creative Shipping Container House from Creative-Cabins

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Logan, Ohio, USA.

Another creative shipping container transformation from Creative-Cabins. We really love the projects of this team. Because they have a magnificent vision. Almost everyone who loved container houses shared their previous shipping container project, Lily Pad. The designs and decorations of the homes that Creative-Cabins built are beautiful, so it’s no wonder they go viral.

Today we will show you “L3nee’s Lay-Up”, the new home of this great team. The house, which has recently been listed on Airbnb, will begin to host its guests in March 2021.

This cabin is different from all other container houses. Because there is a basketball court between the two shipping containers placed. The basketball court is in a completely closed area and is illuminated.

The homeowners explain why they put a basketball court inside the house:

“L3nee’s Lay-up got its name for our daughter who played basketball since she could walk. Her number as a young player was #3. She went on to play college basketball and still plays today even in her 30’s. Basketball has been a big part of our lives. We love the game and wanted to share this cabin with others who feel the same.” Source :Instagram

The house generally has a dark exterior like Creative-Cabins’ other houses. The harmony of black coatings and paints with wood is really eye-catching. The house, built using 2 shipping containers, has 2 private bedrooms and a bathroom.

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It is possible to accommodate up to 4 people at the same time in the container cabin. Other features of the container house can be listed as follows, a fully equipped kitchen, family room with gas fireplace, gas open air grill and a fire pit with comfortable chairs.

As in the previous project of the team, no coating was made on the outside of the containers in this project. In our opinion, the natural look of shipping containers can really give that home its character. This house was one of the rare houses that took this character.

There is a huge veranda at the back of the cabin. It is an excellent place to integrate with nature and read books with bird sounds.

If you want to stay in this creative container house in Logan, Ohio, you can access the AirBNB page here.
In addition, if you want to learn more about the structure, I leave the Creative-Cabins website and social media links below.

As with all modular house options, additional units can be added and rescaled according to changing needs in container structures. However, of course, you need to contact your building company for this.

In this direction, it will be possible to add a new room, balcony or terrace according to your needs that vary over time. Standard reinforced concrete structures, despite their high cost, cannot be scaled according to changing needs in this sense. It can be easily argued that container structures are a much more advantageous luxury house option.

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Photo Added: 09.10.2021