Unlock the Secrets to Container Chic: Get Your Dream Home Blueprint for Just $136!

In a world constantly reshaping its needs and desires, Bergin House emerges as a beacon of innovative living. Their latest creation, a two-story container house, embodies this evolution. Imagine the audacity of combining six shipping containers—three 40ft and three 20ft High Cube units—into a living space that’s not just functional, but a statement in architectural innovation.

Compact Living, Expansive Dreams

The post-pandemic era has witnessed a paradigm shift in living preferences. Gone are the days of sprawling mansions that dominated the dreams of many. Today, the trend is towards more compact, efficient living spaces. This transition has seen a surge in popularity for homes constructed from shipping containers, a trend Bergin House has not only embraced but excelled in.

The Layout: A Symphony of Space and Function

Design features:

  • 3 Bedrooms: Perfect for larger families or those who love extra space.
  • Bathroom: Meticulously designed to maximize comfort in a compact space.
  • Laundry Room: A testament to the thoughtful utilization of every inch.
  • Large Kitchen: A culinary haven that challenges the conventional limits of container homes.
  • Living Room: A cozy, inviting space that becomes the heart of this container home.

The Evolution of Real Estate

About five years ago, container homes were a niche market, with only a handful of architects dabbling in this unique form of housing. Today, it’s a burgeoning field, with more architects exploring the vast potential of shipping containers. The demand for these homes has skyrocketed, leading to an explosion of creativity and variety in designs.

Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Bergin House’s design isn’t just about reusing shipping containers; it’s about reimagining the very concept of a home. It’s about breaking free from traditional boundaries and embracing a future where efficiency, sustainability, and style coexist harmoniously.

A Closer Look

Let’s dive deeper into this two-story container home plan and explore how designer is rewriting the rules of modern living. Stay tuned for more details and visuals that bring this architectural marvel to life.

Photo: Bergin House

Sleek Container Home Design

This container home is a marvel of modern design and efficiency. Utilizing six High Cube shipping containers, this home stands out with its stacked layout: three 40 ft containers form the base, while three 20 ft containers sit atop, creating a two-story structure with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

The home’s exterior features a dual-tone scheme with the industrial grey of the containers complemented by warm wooden accents. Notably, the positioning of the containers allows for two spacious 10 ft balconies on either side, offering ample outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

Inside, the lower containers house the communal living space, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room—each area thoughtfully designed to maximize utility without compromising style. The upper containers are dedicated to providing peaceful bedroom spaces, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Bergin House’s design reflects a deep understanding of contemporary needs, embracing compact living without sacrificing the spacious feel of a traditional home. This container house is a prime example of sustainable living, integrating repurposed materials into a home that’s as environmentally responsible as it is beautiful.


Interior Elegance in Container Living

Stepping inside container home, we’re greeted by interiors that exude warmth and sophistication. Here’s a glimpse into the four main living spaces:

Photo: Bergin House

The Kitchen

The heart of the home, the kitchen, is a blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. Light wooden cabinetry contrasts beautifully with a bold, mustard-colored refrigerator, while patterned backsplash tiles add a touch of intricacy. The central island doubles as a dining area, creating a perfect setting for family dinners or morning coffee contemplation.

Photo: Bergin House

The Living Room

Moving to the living room, the space is cozy yet chic. A sleek, modern fireplace adds a contemporary touch, while the mix of wood and metal furnishings provide both comfort and style. The arrangement encourages relaxation and socialization, with an eclectic mix of decorative shelves and a large, statement clock adding personality to the room.

Photo: Bergin House

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, natural light streams through large windows, enhancing the serene atmosphere. Modern fixtures, including a sleek bathtub and a stylish sink, sit atop wood-textured cabinets, offering a spa-like experience that doesn’t skimp on luxury.

Photo: Bergin House

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary of tranquility, with a neutral color palette promoting rest. Minimalist furniture with clean lines, complemented by natural wood textures, ensures a clutter-free environment conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Each room in this container home showcases Bergin House’s ability to fuse functionality with aesthetic appeal, proving that container living can be both sustainable and stylish.

Seize Your Blueprint to Innovative Living

As we draw the curtains on this exploration, it’s clear that container homes can indeed be the epitome of modern, sustainable living.

Should the allure of this container home’s innovative design entice you to craft a similar space, the detailed blueprint is obtainable at a reasonable $136. It’s a small investment for the template of a home that defies convention and maximizes both form and function. ( Buy Container Home Plan )

Our ‘Living in a Container’ blog awaits those seeking further inspiration or contemplating a dive into the world of alternative housing. It’s a hub for creativity and practicality, hosting a variety of designs that challenge the status quo of residential architecture.

In the spirit of uniqueness, remember that opting for a container home is not just about embracing a trend; it’s about making a conscious choice towards an eco-friendly and resourceful way of living. It’s about curating a space that isn’t confined by four walls but is defined by its limitless potential and adaptability.

And remember, in a world where homes are often a carbon copy, choosing a container home is like choosing to live outside the box—quite literally. It’s a statement that your abode isn’t just a place to dwell, but a space that reflects ingenuity and an unyielding zest for life.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can live extraordinarily? Let ‘Living in a Container‘ be your guide to the art of container living.