How 3 Old Shipping Containers Became a Stunning House

Nestled in the enchanting terrain of Navafrí, Spain, an extraordinary residence crafted from repurposed shipping containers showcases a seamless blend of modernity and classic charm.

The home’s foundation is anchored by a reliable concrete pier, supporting two ground-level 40-foot containers accompanied by a strategically placed 20-foot container above.

Skillfully modified to incorporate windows and doors, these steel structures are crowned with a pitched roof, harmoniously marrying the industrial aesthetic with traditional architectural elements.

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The exterior is skilfully enveloped with weatherboard, coated with render, and meticulously painted to present an inviting, contemporary container-home facade that retains a hint of conventional allure.

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The interior of this innovative dwelling unfurls a well-appointed kitchen, boasting wooden countertops and essential amenities, centered around a convenient breakfast bar.

3 Shipping Containers ( 2 x 40ft + 1 x 20ft )

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A glass door opens to extend the culinary space into an expansive alfresco dining area, perfect for indulgent open-air meals.

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Adjacent spaces include a dedicated dining area with bench seating, and a cozy living room featuring an entertainment system, a warming fireplace, and ambient seating—each corner offering a distinct experience of domestic bliss.

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Sleeping quarters invite serenity, offering double beds in tranquil settings, modern bathrooms equipped with necessities, and the upper level’s panoramic views that promise a sunrise awakening.

Surrounding decks provide vistas of the encompassing garden, presenting a serene spot suitable for leisurely book reading or savoring a beverage during sunset.

Currently listed as a guest house on Airbnb, this unique dwelling in Navafrí, Spain, invites visitors to experience its singular accommodations through provided online links.

Key Takeaways

  • A unique residence in Spain combines shipping containers with conventional architecture for a contemporary home.
  • Inside, the home features high-end finishes, modern amenities, and comfortable living spaces.
  • The property provides serene outdoor decks with views of the garden and is available for rent on Airbnb.

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