$50.000 Cozy Cabin made from Two Shipping Containers

Since the 2008 recession, architects, designers and artists have sought alternative structures such as shipping containers for inspiration.

Converted container homes are popping up all over the world, both in residential areas and in remote areas.

Recently, Polish architectural firm Wiercinski-Studio has created a portable container house.

At just 581 square feet and made up of two 40-foot shipping containers, the container cabin provides a comfortable space to rest and unwind after a long day.

On the market today there are many prefabricated units that can be purchased but this one is different because it’s made out of former shipping containers which gives them new life as houses!

With the effect of the pandemic, the use of shipping containers has increased considerably.

The use of shipping containers in many projects such as homes, hotels and even pools is fast growing.

Photos by Oni Studio

This container house was created by joining two shipping containers to create a 39 x 8-foot space. The resulting height is 9 feet, enough for a small family that wants its own place!

Photos by Oni Studio

The cabin is situated on top of two containers that were already standing in place and serve as storage space for gardening tools.

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This house is designed to capture the best of both worlds: a scenic riverview and easy access. The volume sections on either side are displaced by half its length, creating an expansive terrace facing towards nearby sights while also providing plenty space for entertaining inside if needed!

Photos by Oni Studio

The outdoor space is large and inviting with a 258 -square foot terrace that overlooks the trees, making it an ideal spot for lounging in comfort during warm weather months or entertaining guests on special occasions such as Christmas dinner!

Photos by Oni Studio

To bring the outside in, this home is lined with large windows.

Photos by Oni Studio

The house, which has a minimalist kitchen and a living room, has a bedroom. There is also an office space in the living area.

Photos by Oni Studio

There is also a bathroom with a bathtub, sink and toilet.

The tiny house is not only sustainable but also has the potential for being quite inexpensive.

The conversion of the two containers into a full functioning home took between four to six months.

Designer says that a “base version” of the container house could be built for $50,000.

In fact, this type of property has many benefits. While it may seem expensive at first glance, adapted containers can actually be cheaper than standard construction when considering mobility.

Photos by Oni Studio

The design team purposefully left the recognizable corrugated sheet look on this original exterior, you can see how the green-painted container really looks in its natural state and blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

Having a shipping container house is not just for those who want to live in the country.

Shipping containers are manufactured outside of the construction site and can be easily transported to where you want your house built. This is beneficial because it allows for faster production, reduced costs, better quality control – anything goes!

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This benefit was also used while building this house. The container house manufactured in the production facility was placed in its current location with the help of trucks and cranes.

Project Credits:  Wiercinski Studio / @wiercinski_studio

Contractor: Modulo

Photography: Oni Studio

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