Amazing Shipping Container Conversion in Florida

Shipping container houses are becoming increasingly popular for those who opt for a modern, eco-friendly home.

Have you ever seen those amazing converted container homes and thought to yourself, “I wish I could do that”?

If you’re ever in Miami Dade, be sure to check out this amazing conversion!

It’s a container home that has been completely transformed into a beautiful and modern space. This is the perfect example of how you can take something that may seem like an eyesore and turn it into something wonderful.

Have you ever seen those amazing converted container homes and wondered how you could do the same? If you’re living in Miami Dade, there’s a great option for you! A Miami container home builder can help turn a simple shipping container into a beautiful and functional home. A shipping container house combines the best aspects of prefabricated structures with the comfort of a traditional home.

Check out this amazing conversion and see for yourself what’s possible! We hope you enjoy this tour of the home!

Photo: Miami Realtors

This property features modern design elements with brilliant natural lighting and open spaces. The use of glass throughout allows for plenty of natural light to enter the structure, making it feel more open than you might expect from a house built out of metal shipping containers.

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Photo: Miami Realtors

The home has plenty of stunning views. Inside, you’ll find a spacious living room along with one bedroom. The home also has an outdoor veranda for relaxation after a long day at work. All of these features are contained in less than 480 square feet.

Photo: Miami Realtors

This one-bedroom, one bathroom container house was built using 2x20FT recycled shipping containers creating a total of 320 square feet. The space is an open layout that makes efficient use out its confining dimensions with the den area taking up roughly half and leaving plenty for other necessary amenities like kitchen dining room + bedroom!

Photo: Miami Realtors

Wow, this container home’s list price was $160K last year!

This home is an excellent example of how one can take shipping containers and turn them into something truly stunning. It takes the prefabricated look of shipping container homes but adds in classical luxury that you might expect to see in a custom-built property.

For those that are interested in having their own shipping container home, one option is to find a company online that can ship containers directly to your property. These companies specialize in building homes out of shipping containers so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing.

In addition, many of these companies will also allow you to pick the exact type of container that fits your needs best. For example, some people might need a shorter version while others may prefer a taller design. In addition, you’ll want to pick one that is insulated so you can have an interior design appropriate for your specific location.

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As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to designing your home out of shipping containers, including affordability and high durability. However, be sure to read up on the insulation levels of each container before making a purchase so you get one that works well for your location.

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