Affordable Shipping Container House Assembled in 48 hours in Downtown Los Angeles

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from L.A., USA.

A shipping container house, a kind of dwelling place which is attracting people of modern era. It is quite right that a shipping container house is something interesting, fascinating and attracting to people.
Today, we are here to discuss some unique topic. Giving you the information about the modular living system. People are curious about this one, want to know about this comfort and want to enjoy this as well.

What Are Various Sizes of Shipping Container Houses?

There are various sizes of these houses. Usually these come in two sizes. One is 20 feet by 8 feet and the other one is 40 feet by 8 feet. Smallest measure if we take then we can say 100 square feet of floor ground is at least mandatory for a container home.

Basically, shipping container homes are explaining themselves in their names. These are the homes which are made from steel containers and can be carried to any place where the owner wants.

Comforts of Modular Living

Modular living is quite comfortable and aesthetic. World is now heading toward these houses because of their comfort. These are less expensive and more reliable. These become easy source of living in international ports where one wants to set for temporary time or wants to spend vacation.

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Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

It would not be wrong to mention that container homes and modular living system are full of benefits. Shipping container homes made of steel infrastructure can be converted to any type of living place with modifications and can be set at any place.

These can be used as cafes, restaurants, fast food sales cookies and many more with slight modifications. This is the unique living style and people of this era want uniqueness and higher standard in each and everything. so, what this home does? This home is fulfilling the demand of unique ones. Giving them comfort which they want.

It would be unfair if we don’t discuss about the economic support which these houses provide. These are less expensive and are available at lower rates near international ports. People prefer these homes because these give them benefits by charging them less.

Shipping container homes are mobile. These can be shift from one place to another place as mentioned above.

Shipping container homes provide one the modular living. These are constructed with standardized dimensions so that flexibility level remains high.

Shipping container homes construction time is short.

These don’t need a long duration for built up. This is one of the major benefits. One who is in hurry, can get his own home on short notice. Is not this interesting?
These houses are durable. These are unique in their robustness.

If we do a roughly estimate, a shipping container home can last for 25 years from lower range. This is good and reliable. These can last longer but the condition is these should be maintained well. One who loves his beautiful shipping container home and modular living, will pay attention to his house for maintenance and in this way, he will enjoy comfort living for a long time.

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If we make a rough estimate of cost of shipping container homes, then we can say there is a specific range. It can range from $1400 for smaller one to $6000 for larger one. This is affordable for such higher standard living.

As talking about benefits of shipping container homes, this information also plays a crucial role in benefits that these homes are energy efficient.

Beauty of Shipping container Homes

There is no doubt, these are beautiful, attracting and fascinating. These can be modified according to one’s choice.
Modular living can be a great alternative in a disaster. The place in the world where people have lost their houses due to any kind of disaster, can be provided with shipping container homes.

Modular living in Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, various projects are going to be designed according to modular system. This is the supportive housing system which is helping constructors to come up with more houses with less input of money. And this is encouraging people to make their own standard house with low income.

The 1240 square meter ARC Space project was built in less than 48 hours on site. This project can be a solution for those who need fast and affordable construction. This demonstrates the elegant potential of such structures, targeting adventurous homeowners and beneficiaries of new laws that relax restrictions on accessory housing units.

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In this project, old shipping containers were not used. The 4 shipping containers required for the construction of the project were made using custom-made American and Japanese steel. The average cost of the completed building is around $150 per square meter.

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In this manufacturing, basically foundation is set at the place and required materials for building are manufactured at somewhere else. When the required materials get ready, the various parts are get collected and are set into the desired place. The house becomes ready in short period.

ARC space is a builder of homes in Los Angeles.

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