Family Quits City Life To Build Container Home

Looking for an unconventional home? This family left the hustle and bustle of Makati to build their dream container home near Mount Makiling.

Tired of the exhaustion of the city center, the family built their own container house in the countryside. – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

Life in Metro Manila is getting harder and harder due to the increasing population and traffic problems. The Rivera family, who wanted to get rid of this problem, made their dreams come true by building a modern looking container house at the foot of Makiling Mountain.

The planned construction period of 6 months took 1 year due to additional structures. – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

Mike’s interest in container homes started in 2014.

Having been planning how to build his own container house ever since, Mike decided it was time to build his own after seeing a house in Batangas.

Mike had looked at many properties such as Tagaytay before deciding on the location of their home in Calamba, but fell in love with the property when he saw this place.

We used to live in Makati until we sold our property there. And when the two are compared, there is a world of difference between living there and living here.” he said.

1 x 40ft and 2 x 20ft shipping containers were used in the construction. – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

The Rivera family started building their home in 2020 using 3 shipping containers. Mike, who has been researching container houses since 2014, mentions that the more he researches, the more his admiration for container houses increases.

The usage area inside the container house is 753 sqft. – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

The living area of ​​the container house is 70 m2, and the total usage area is approximately 200 m2. This difference is due to the fact that there are two decks in the house. Mike insisted on building two decks for the house because he wanted 360 degrees of the magnificent view.

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Container House Kitchen – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel
Container House Living Room – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

On the first floor of the house there is a living room, kitchen, dining room and on the second floor there are 2 bedrooms.

The gray color of the house looks quite cool. – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

Construction of Mike’s container house was completed in about 1 year, taking 4-6 months more than expected due to some additional plans.

Container House Construction – Image Courtesy of Screenshot Youtube / OG Channel

How much did the shipping container house cost?

Mike tells this question that this is roughly the cost of building a normal-sized house.

“Those who want to build or buy a container house should definitely not hesitate”, says Mike.

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Learn more about the modern container house when you watch the video below:

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