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We continue to discover for you. Our Shipping Container House on today’s tour is from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Containers are made of steel. These are used for transportation purposes. But these are also used in the construction of homes. The containers are used in building because these are versatile in nature.

Containers provide a huge variety of designing. Then shipping containers also provide many other benefits like these consume less amount of money as well as time in construction. Containers are good enough that the homes made of these shipping containers last for more than 25 years. This all depends the maintenance and construction pathway of the home.

Being successful in making a home of your desire demands a lot of energy. A person is very selective in making a home. One wishes about a dream home. Thus construction of the home must be perfect. This should be very precise at every step. Selection of each material, architectural designers matter a lot. This should be done wisely.

If all steps are done in perfect way, then no regrets are left behind. Actually, steel shipping containers convert these dreams into reality because these are used to construct homes at very difficult places like nature attracting places.

Containers are used in constructing many places like: Villas, Mansions, Homes ,Guest houses, Hotels…

These all are structural buildings which are designed by using steel shipping containers. The containers using in these buildings provide a wide range of styles. These stylish buildings look awesome. Unique designing is liked by everyone.

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By continuing our search, we have discovered a new home for you. This is also a shipping container home. Let us step in this home to know about its architectural designing.

Container home in Santa Teresa, Cobano

This home is located in Santa Teresa. This is made of a single shipping container. Yes, a single shipping container can give you a complete home. This is rental place. Basically a home for staying. One or maximum two people can stay here. The look of the house is really cool. It is located near a beach. So, this home is for nature lovers.

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Portions of the container home

Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining table, Outer deck

These all are the areas which are covered by this single shipping container. So a person with low income, can afford this home for permanent living.

Detail description of interior designing of the container home

So, this house has all portions as described above. To know about the details of this home, must go through the whole article. All areas are of small sizes. But these are enough for two persons. These are simply designed neat and clean portions.

The outer side of the container is painted white. The interior Is also painted white. The floor is made of white tiles.

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Bedroom and bathroom

Bed is set in bedroom. Closet is designed in the wall. The bed is of medium size. The bathroom is attached to bedroom. It is made of white tiles. Mirror is hanged in bathroom. Toilet is set. The showering system is separate. All facilities are there.

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Kitchen, living room and dining table

Kitchen is made of wood cabins. These are painted dark in color. Refrigerator is set in a corner. Microwave is placed. The stove is fixed in shelf. The shelf is made of white tiles. The accessories are set in this kitchen with a sequence.

The living room is in this way that It has two medium sized sofas. These are dark in color. One is placed with one wall. Other is placed with other wall. These are comfortable and cozy. The dining table is nearby. The wooden chairs and table are set. Food is served here.

Outer wooden deck of the house

The front of the home has a porch area. A swing is set there. The floor is made of wood. It is set higher than the ground level. The surrounding of the home gives a sight of greenery. Green trees are on the side. The evening tea cup can be enjoyed here with slow sips as nature is attractive here. This house is a few steps away from the beach.

Use of glass windows

Entrance of the home has very large glass sliding window. The sides walls also have glass windows. The framing around them is done by wood. It enhances their elegancy. The framing by wood is really nice. It makes a home more admirable.

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Moreover, all facilities are provided. Voltage system, water supply and draining systems all are maintained. Lights are fixed in roof. The air conditioners are set in house. One is in bedroom and one is out of the room. The weather is hot here in summer. The house is well furnished. All equipment in bathroom and kitchen are supplied.

Staying charges are very reasonable. Per night stay charges $71.  As construction of the shipping container homes is cheaper than the concrete material construction, therefore, charges are also cheaper. Wi-Fi Networks are also available. So, this one is a hone loaded with facilities.

You can check out this Amazing house on Vrbo.

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