Container Villa in South Korea

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Yangpyeong, South Korea.

Location: Pool Villas in Yangpyeong Dokchae, Yangpyeong Pension in Naedonnaesan

When you are planning a location to spend your holidays, then the cold places are always an ideal choice, not just because they have snow, also they have wonderful views which still warm the heart, even the view is so cold. This kind of cold place becomes cooler when the staying arrangement is very unique than regular.

The house which is made of some shipping containers gives you a more different and unique experience to celebrate the vocations. This is the brilliantly built pool villas placed in Yangpyeong.

These are 3 shipping containers, which are turned into the very unique rental shipping container house. This please charge $178 per night, you can reserve or book this house for the weekends and locations on Airbnb.

This rental shipping container house is surrounded by the cold hill station which has a lot of nature outside the container house. The exterior of this container house is grey painted which gives it a slightly modern look.

This container house has:

  • 1 Living space area
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 2 Bathroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Parking area

This shipping container house did not just give you a beautiful view with a unique way of staying, it also allows you to have an outdoor experience with barbecue, briquettes, torch, clasps, gloves, and grill mesh with no extra charges, it’s free.

( Container Homes in South Korea )

The wooden benches which are placed outside of this container house, give you a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the sun rays in this cold weather. This shipping container house has two stories with one deck and one rooftop.

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Living room

The living room of this container house is very minimalistic which is filled with a very big size wooden table with 6 comfortable chairs, this big table in the living room gives you also a dining space where you can enjoy your family meal together.

The table’s another and which is close to the wall, point’s the flat LED screen TV, which is placed on a thin black cabinet, which has a storage area. If you look ok a little bit above the TV then you can see two rectangular windows which are good for Air ventilation, right next to the wall there are two big sliding glass door which leads you to the outside of the shipping container house, where is a barbecue area which I mentioned earlier in this article.


The kitchen of this container house is also minimalistic, which matches the design of this container house. The kitchen has equipped with all the important kitchen essentials and accessories which allow you to make your favorite food on your vocations. ( Life Uncontained )

The kitchen is well brighter and it contains two small rectangular windows which help you for the air ventilation. The kitchen has a small dining area which is enough for two people to sit. The kitchen’s dining area has 3 vintage-looking light bulbs which illuminate the kitchen’s dining area with warm light.


The bathroom of this container house is very suspicious and it’s pretty neat. The bathroom on the first floor is fully equipped with every important bathroom or toilet accessory and essential, it has a lot of towels, face wash, soap dispenser, toilet paper, e.t.c.

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The bathroom interior is white-styled with a square pattern which allows it to match the grey square tiled floor, bathroom’s floor and walls give it slightly modern finished. The entrance of the bathroom leads you to the white washbasin with the big mirror. Right next to the washbasin there is a toilet seat which is facing the stainless steel rainfall shower which is mounted on the wall, with an air ventilation window complete it a complete bathroom.

( The Cost of Building a Shipping Container Home )

The second bathroom is on the second floor which is also fully equipped with all the essentials and ready to use. The second bathroom has yellowish walls which makes it slightly different from the first floor. The dark floor tiles give it a unique look. The pattern of placing the toilet seat, washbasin, mirror, and rainfall shower is the same as the first floor has.


The bedrooms are placed on the second floor of the shipping container house. The first bedroom is a very big room with two full-size beds with ample amount, of pillows. The bedrooms look so minimal and beautiful with white walls which made this bedroom so brighten.

The wooden floor off the bedroom which fits perfectly with the white walls makes the bedroom very minimal. Right next to the double bed there is a glass sliding door that connects you with the second bedroom of this shipping container house.

The 2nd bedroom has a loft space that can be accessed by a wooden ladder. The second bedroom is also fully finished and equipped with all the essentials and it’s surrounded by two windows which allow the ambient light to brighten up the wall bedrooms.

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This shipping container house has 2 bedrooms with 3 double beds, which makes it almost 3 bedrooms.

Parking area

The parking area of this shipping container house can fill the three cars easily, with the parking area you can easily park your vehicles and feel fully secure.

This shipping container house have also a lot of things to explore the rooftop of this container house gives a very fabulous view which can melt your heart in this cold weather.

This shipping container house fulfills all your personal needs by giving you a unique experience of living it also allows you to live very beautiful place without facing any problem.

The reviews of this shipping container house which are made of three containers it is so impressive and so positive, so if you want to get closer to this beautiful house and want to get know about this much you can book or you can reserve to make your vacations more special via visiting the Airbnb.

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