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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Queens, New York, USA.

New York-based architectural firm Rekstur is located on the city’s 578-mile-long waterfront with a floating container off the Rockaway peninsula in the Gulf of Jamaica. The two-storey structure consists of a combination of shipping container materials and sapele wood. With its boat-like design, the house rises and falls with the natural changes in sea level.

Kairu container house is a unique floating house with excellent design. The Kairu container house is located on the Rockaway Peninsula.

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Container house is a two-story house. This house is made of two 40 feet high cube shipping container. This container structure sits on two steel section barges welded together to create a platform for the house.

The Kairu container house features a bathroom, bedroom, and living space on the first floor to maximize the beautiful views available while floating on the water. The second floor of the Kairu container house includes a kitchen and two decks.

Today, modular life has become popular. That’s why many people choose to live in perfectly designed container houses. Container houses are very easy to build and install.

In addition, the container house is a special and unique designed house made of shipping containers. The two-story house is perfect. Sea view is excellent on the second floor. The container house offers a very stylish look from an aesthetic point of view.

Shipping Container House

You can enjoy a unique holiday with the perfect container house in facility. You can rent a container house in facility to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy life in a floating container house in the sea.

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Location of the container house is very close to the city center. The Kairu black container house is in the city of New York.

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The container Kariu house within the facility offers excellent and unique accommodation for guests and visitors. The concept, size, design of the Kariu container house is wonderfully and aesthetically designed.

The location of the Kariu container house is perfect.

It is very easy to reach many places from the location of the house. The container house is designed to be comfortable and safe for customers. The container house has everything that all customers will need.

In addition, people especially want to leave the traditional life and be in a different and natural place intertwined with the sea. It is everyone’s dream to have a natural life and sea view. These lives that people dream of are provided by these container houses.

The architectural design of the container houses in facility draws attention because they are made in an original way. Due to its location, the beauty of the container house is further enhanced by the sea view. It is very easy to reach the city center from where the container house is located. For this reason, the Kairu container house is in demand by many of our guests.

Kairu Container house has a natural, simple, and elegant beauty. It is designed to have a magnificent sea view from every angle.

The container house in facility has a wonderful and very beautiful event venue. The container house is designed in a very modern and stylish way. The interior of the house is fully furnished. There are all items and items to suit all your needs.

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There are many items such as a bathroom, bedroom, TV, living room, refrigerator. There is a mirror in the bathroom. The container house has a kitchen where you can prepare meals. You will have many amenities in this container house.

Features of Kairu Container House

Kairu container house has basic materials in the bedroom. There are linens, sheets, soap, toilet paper in the bedroom. However, there is a television in the container house. The security of the Kairu Container house is provided at a high level. You can easily access the internet in the black container house.

The container house kitchen has all the items you need. In addition, our guests can easily cook their own meals in the kitchen. There is a standard refrigerator, coffee machine, crockery, furniture, and ice dispenser in the kitchen. In addition, Kairu container house has a private working area, kitchen, air conditioning, WIFI, TV.

Raiku House designed by Adam Wiesehan

However, the bathroom is designed to have all the shower facilities. Hot water, shampoo, and body shampoo are available in the bathroom.

The floor is covered with laminate. The kitchen door is a glass sliding door. There is a balcony outside the kitchen area on the second floor. There is a hammock on the balcony.

The architectural design of the container house in facility is quite original. Due to its location, the beauty of the container house attracts attention with its sea view.

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House-made of container general features include:

  • Kairu container house is a building established with ABYC certified electrical system.
  • Into the container house, Plumbing systems have been installed by an NYC licensed plumber.
  • Sapele parquet floors are laid.
  • The container house has a plywood wall covering.
  • The container house has a private front door. This door was custom-made by Brooklyn metalworker Amy Erickson. It is quite remarkable.
  • A water system equipped with a modern pipe shower was installed in the container house.
  • There are lighting fixtures.
  • The kitchen counter of the house is designed as Braddock Tiles brand handmade ceramic tiles.
  • There is a standard refrigerator in the house.
  • There is a hot water heater, a float switch.
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