Tiny Container House with Private Garden

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from San Diego, California, United States.

Container homes made of steel are under discussion in each article. These articles inform you about the diversity in building of homes.

We discover homes with different architectures to increase your easy access to homes. In this way, people know each and everything about one specific home. It helps them a lot in selection of a living place. This can be for spending holidays or for permanent living. It depends upon the selector.

These homes made of shipping containers are available in hometowns as well as in separate area where one visit consumes a lot of energy. These can be homes near international ports as well.

Homes are of different categories. These vary in sizes, structures and many other things. These can be more versatile according to architecture.

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The homes must be perfect in construction. These must accommodate according to the choice of owner. Shipping steel containers are used in many constructions. These are used for living places as well as for other visiting spots. These are versatile and offer a lot of options in construction.

The homes are usually built for living for whole life. It again depends on need of someone. Not all people look for a residential place for permanent living. Some find spots for spending holidays.

Today, we are going to discuss a home which is basically, a guesthouse. Let us step in this simply designed container guest home.

Simply designed a container guest home.

This one is a single container home. This container home is black in color. Jet black color is painted. It is simple deigned but this one is unique. It can accommodate two people for living for certain time. If you are in search of a guest home, you are at the right place. This is located at Kensington, Talmadge neighborhood in San Diego, a city in California. So, who wants to spend vacation in California, can go there.

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Architectural map for this container home.

This will be right to say that this home has portions in a line. All parts of the home are in a sequence. This represents the simplicity of the home. But this simplicity indicates a beauty touch in this home. Shipping container is one in number and this is a single storey. The home is designed in this way that entrance has sliding glass doors which are large in size.

In one corner, there is a living room. The room has a sitting arrangement. The sofas are placed here. An LED is on the front wall. The seating sofas face the LED. This is for the entertainment. One who lives here, can enjoy all the shows easily. On the back wall, there is a painting. This is done for decoration. The lounge setting is done neatly.

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Stepping forward, there is kitchen arrangement. The kitchen has all the accessories. It has a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker. These all are placed in proportion. The arrangement is good. Kitchen shelves are made. The things of use are placed on these. The cabins are designed. Cook food here and have a meal.

Next comes a bathroom with all the facilities of bathing and showering. The bathroom is white in color. The shining white tiles and all other materials are used in its construction. The hot and cold-water supply is flawless.

One bedroom is also designed. This is essential part of any living place. A large sized bed is placed here. Air conditioner is provided. The voltage system is well-maintained for continuous supply of electricity for running all the appliances.

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Beautiful backyard with a small space.

As the doors are opened, of the home, the back of the house faces a backyard with greenery there. There is a small area with attracting sitting facility. When glass sliding doors are opened, the backyard represents a sitting table. Chairs with central table are placed.

It can be dining table for having a meal as there is no distance between kitchen and backyard. This backyard gives the feeling of relaxation. This is important when someone is tired. The weather changes can be noticed here in morning or evening by having a cup of tea or coffee according to your choice.

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The floor of the house is made of wood. Wood gives a look of uniqueness. Well, tiles are also very unique as give a modern look. But a wooden floor has its own beauty. This home has both wood as well as tile construction.

Container homes are unique because of their versality.

These homes come with many benefits. These are unique as well as durable. Their construction requires less energy as well as money. These have strong foundations as well as have ability to modify. These offer modular living for persons who wish to own them. The list of benefits of container homes is long but the point is this that these provide all the facilities without any deficiency.

If these are designed and constructed in perfect way, these containers never disappoint someone. Any person living in this modern era desires to be modern according to the trend. Everyone wants to be unique and distinction able. Containers homes fulfill this desire in aspect of owning a home. Any wise person would decide to live in such home because people are leaving other homes and are forwarding towards the container homes. The main factor is this that these are available at any location.

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So, this was all about this container home which is designed decently. For more posts like this one please check our home page Living in a Container.

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