Royal Blue Painted Container Home

Many homes have been made by using shipping containers. People are experiencing construction work with shipping containers. Experience is awesome. People are now enjoying the facilities which are provided by steel shipping containers.

Containers are providing homes with enchanting beauty.

Modular living is the term which describes the experience of living in house made of shipping containers era. This experience influences one’s mind and then he decides to construct a home by using containers.

Now world is progressing and every impossible thing seems to be possible. Because world is accepting the challenges. Therefore, housing with shipping containers is really an interesting thing. People are preferring them on concrete material.

Homes made of shipping containers.

Homes are constructed by using shipping containers. These homes have all facilities. Nothing is missed. There is no difference between concrete material house and shipping container house.

No need to worry about thermoregulation of the house made of shipping containers. These homes are temperature maintainers if constructed takes step in designing of the house. Of house is cold area, then fireplaces are made in homes. If this is located in hot area, then air conditioners are inserted. If both weathers exist there, then both arrangements are made.

Containers homes have been spotted in many areas. These are located in deserts and hills. These are also near the ocean or beach and in the city town. Containers have reached at every location. Because transportation of the container is really easy. These can be transported to any site easily than the concrete material.

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Other buildings made of shipping containers.

Other structures have also been designed. Like hotels are made for living or spending vacations there for example at Hill Station. ( Hillside Container House )

Moreover, gyms have designed by using shipping containers. Informing you further, an embassy in Pristina has also made by using steel shipping containers. ( Conversion of Containers into Embassy Building )

These are also making leisure places. Restaurants have been designed by using these containers.

Villas have spotted and mansions are made by using shipping containers. There are many guest houses which are designed by using shipping containers.

So, all the buildings which exist on earth, can be made by using them and interesting thing is this, that these can be constructed at any different locations without any worries.

This is really appreciating thing of shipping containers and it is making them unique.

Types of shipping containers.

There are two types basically which are used at greater rate. 40 feet is large one and 20 feet is small one.

40 feet steel shipping container house has enough space for making a small home for one or two persons. Many guest houses have been designed by using single 40 feet shipping container.

Smaller container is just like a box and it is combined with other containers and make different parts of the house according to the architectural structure provided by the map engineer.


Royal blue painted container home is under discussion.

A container house built by EARTH SMART in Fukuoka City, Japan.

A home Is going to be discussed which is made of shipping container. This is painted in blue shade. House is single storey. A small house for small family.

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It is made of container which is set on strong foundation on the ground. Foundation of any container home must be resilient enough to withstand the pressure of weight if container.

These are really heavy container so that ground may not get damaged. If this will happen, the entire framework of the house will be destroyed. So, foundation of any building made of steel shipping container demands a lot of concentration.

Architectural structure of container home.

By creating a large area where the container is used, comfort is increased and the ribs of the container are emphasized.

This simple house consists of a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. These all are necessary portions which are making this living place.

After entering the main door, there is multicolored living room. The spacious living room is furnished with tasteful furniture chosen by the owner. The cool look of the container and the wood are well matched to create a wonderful space.

The sofas are orange in color which are set in this room. The floor of the house is made of wood. Then comes the very important part that is kitchen. It has stainless steel work. The appliances are set in the kitchen. The cabins are made by using wood.

Then comes the bedroom. It also has a glass window and bed is set in this bedroom. This is a large sized bed for two persons.

Then comes the bathroom. It is attached to bedroom. Tiles have been used in its designing. Modern lights have been fixed in the ceiling. The house glows in the night.

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For container home use and residential development in the Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Oita areas, please contact Earth Smart.