Conversion of Containers into Embassy Building

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We continue to discover for you. Our container office on today’s tour is from Pristina, Kosovo.

Containers are making every kind of buildings. These are used to make homes, cafes, living areas, hotels, mansions , villas and all other structures.

Gyms are also made of steel shipping containers. Offices are made of steel shipping containers. All are unique buildings with best architectural structure. The buildings are designed according to modern era. These buildings look beautiful after use of steel shipping containers.

Containers are used to transport goods from one place to other one. Then these steel shipping containers are modified according to the design. Then these are fixed at the place where they need to be fixed.

In this way containers become an important part of construction industry because they provide homes at every kind of place. This is the real beauty of steel shipping containers. There is no worry about the use of steel shipping containers. These are very hard in nature and are resilient.

A building has been discovered made of steel shipping containers. This is not a simple house, it I’d an official building which is used for official work.

This indicates that containers are increasing in trend and now are used to make each kind of building. This is an office. This is really nice to use of steel shipping containers. In coming time, maybe containers will totally replace the other materials for construction.

German Embassy in Pristina

Ferizi + Ferizi Architects created a modern structure using shipping containers for the additional office building to be built within the German Embassy in Kosovo. The building was completed in 2016.

This is a really nice building which is made by using steel shipping containers. 8 x 20 FT shipping containers were used in the construction of this building.

Mostly there are two types of steel shipping containers in market. These are 20 feet or 40 feet. These are used in combination to make a building. This combination makes a complete building. These are joined together here after being transported by transporters.

The reformed steel shipping containers are cheap. One who cannot afford new steel shipping containers, can use reformed ones.

This building is painted white. The size is large and it occupies a great area.

Use of steel shipping containers is reached to such a level that now these are used in making of official buildings. Embassy glows in night. The lights are fixed in this and it glows like a bulb which golden colour during night.

Glass and wood are used in combination with steel shipping containers

Glass and wood use in making of buildings is really classic. In fact, buildings are completed after use of glass windows and wood in the construction. This is mandatory past of construction.

The glass windows which are sliding, are used in buildings and their insulation is made by use of wood. The doors are made of wood. Floor is also made of wood mostly. It depends on choice of the owner.

Concrete material is also used in construction

Yes, this is true. The ground level is set by using concrete material. The foundation of a home or any building matters a lot. The foundation is set by using concrete material. This is set on the ground and then containers are fixed on it. This all foundation is made by using concrete material.

Outer roads are also made by using this material. If foundation of any building is not made stronger, then it results in damage to building earlier. So, this is very important factor which has to be kept in mind while making a building of steel shipping containers.

The framework of a containers building also matters. It is made by using steel or iron pillars. The wood may also be used. These all things make a container building collectively rigid for a longer time. In this way, a container building can last longer than 25 years.

Advantages of steel shipping containers

Containers have many benefits and these are used in construction purposes because of their these advantages.

Containers are cheap and provide homes at cheaper prices. In this way, a person who is not so rich, can afford a home of steel shipping containers.

Containers consume less time in construction

These are fast building materials. In this way, a person who is in hurry can make a steel shipping containers home in less time.

Containers can be transported at any place of the world

These can be transported at the hills, in the desert or near an ocean. There are no worries. These are transported easily. These are once designed at the shop and then are transported to construction time on trucks. This is real beauty of them. So, buildings can be made at the top of hills easily. Guest homes are made there and people now stay there during their holidays.

Containers are providing resilient homes

If foundation is made stronger then buildings stay longer than 25 to 30 years. So, there is no tension about durability of buildings.

Steel shipping containers are thermoregulators if the insulation and heating system is done properly.

Shipping containers continue to find more and more space in the construction market day by day. This trend, which starts with tiny container houses, can extend to gigantic container structures.

We are researching and showing you the structures made with shipping containers around the world to give you an idea.

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