The Hygge Box Hop Luxury-Equipped Container House

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Rockbridge, Ohio, USA.

The Hygge Box Hop is a luxury-equipped container house located in Rockbridge, Ohio, USA. An enchanting effect emerges in this luxury home, with British decors best reflected in the interior design.

In this project, which will be used as a hotel, a large area has been created for the comfort of people.

Consisting of 7 shipping containers, this structure provides a spacious area for 10-12 people.

Get ready to discover this container house where you can increase your living standards in the best way with its many special designs. It will be possible for you to have a quality experience with the best facilities that will appeal to you.

It’s time to examine the details of this place where you will stay with your friends and family.

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Exploring The Hygge Box Hop’s Decorative Look

The shipping container has a marvelous exterior decoration. It has a structure that attracts people with its stylish and modern appearance, especially used in exterior decoration. The features that come to the fore in the exterior decoration of the container house are:

  • The complementary appearance of wood and black tones used in exterior production reveals nobility. It can be said that these are the best tones for those who want a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Thanks to the use of quality materials in the exterior decoration, wear is prevented. This way the tiny house always looks like it did in the first design wonder.
  • The existence of rooms that will enable effective use of the area has been ensured. In addition, increasing the comfort by creating a wider area in the outer areas was also taken into consideration.
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House planning is very important to provide the most popular exterior decoration. That’s why this container house you can choose is at the top level with comfort and quality exterior decoration at home.

A Relaxing Environment With The Best Lighting System

It is very important to make the lighting system with the right choices to create a comfortable atmosphere in container houses.

Especially with the lighting that should be provided in every room of the house, the light should be spread correctly.

That’s why many of the rooms have modern lamps attached to the ceiling. With this lighting system, both a classy appearance was provided in the rooms and sufficient illumination of the rooms was successfully applied.

Thanks to the large windows and glass doors preferred in each room, the lighting of the container house has been successfully provided.

In addition, the choice of windows and glass doors that will allow the sun’s rays to enter contributes to the illumination of the house. The main goal is to have people in a peaceful environment with the refreshing effect of lighting.

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Home Comfort With Exterior And Interior Decoration Items In Container House

The Hygge Box Hop’s design includes special items for interior and exterior decoration. A flooring system has been applied to the rooms with the Scandinavian style, which is especially preferred in interior decoration. The points where home comfort is provided with the items in the container house are as follows:

  • The 5 bedroom container house, which is preferred for interior decoration, has 4 private balconies. Along with the large area of ​​the balconies, the sitting areas are used here.

  • With the importance given to the outdoor patio, you can enjoy the comfort of your family and friends in the open air in these areas.
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  • With the sauna and jacuzzi for 6 people on the terrace, you can relax in the best way after a tiring day. You will be satisfied with the performance of the sauna and jacuzzi with its design and quality.
    You can spend your nights watching movies on comfortable seats with the projector and big-screen television in the house. If you wish, you can add a relaxing atmosphere to the environment by playing the piano in the corner of the living room. Take advantage of the large kitchen and playgrounds provided to you in the house with your family.

  • You would like to benefit from the services in the main living area of ​​the container house with your family and friends. Therefore, prepare yourself to be intertwined with nature by lying on extremely comfortable armchairs and sofas. If you want to experience naturalness and comfort together, the container house will appeal to you.
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The Benefits You Will Have With Life At The Hygge Box Hop

The benefits of container houses, which are attracting attention from many people around the world, are innumerable. The benefits continue to gain popularity thanks to the strong structure of these houses and the affordable opportunities they provide. By choosing a container house, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Non-polluting, environmentally friendly materials are used in container houses. In this way, the materials used in the construction of this house, where you are intertwined with nature, don’t have a bad effect on nature.
  • The construction of container houses provides confidence to people with their reliability and strong structure. It is ready to provide the service people want, especially since it is made cheaper than concrete and stronger than wooden buildings.
  • During your stay in The Hygge Box, you will encounter a strong structure against situations such as water, insects, rodents, and fire. In this way, you will be in an environment that will protect your living standards as well as your comfort.
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Emily & Seth is hosting The Hygge Box Hop. This gorgeous container house isn’t the couple’s first builds. The duo own unique container homes called The Box Hop and The BoHo Box Hop. If you are curious about these houses, we leave the links below.

If you want to stay in these wonderful container houses hosted by Emily & Seth, you can reach the Airbnb page here.

Container House With Details Designed And Unique Landscape Architecture

As you can see in the images of the container house, it has a unique architecture with products that are wonders of design.

The house offers you a warm environment with the wood option preferred in the interior and exterior design of the house.

You may have noticed that the wooden detail on the stairs and floor of the house mainly appeals to the house. If you are looking for a relaxing environment, you will see that these details will provide you with a different aura.

The maximum use of industrial design in places such as ceilings, kitchens, rooms, and gardens in the house will be indispensable for those looking for a container house with an elite appearance.

  • If you want to spend time with your family and loved ones in luxury container houses, be ready to choose accommodation. Be entertained by spending quality time in container houses where you will admire their unique design and interior and exterior decoration.


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