From Cargo to Couture: Inside the $1.78M Shipping Container Home

Dana Point Home Made With Shipping Containers: Innovative Architecture on the California Coast

In Dana Point’s Lantern District, a remarkable residence crafted from repurposed shipping containers has entered the market with a price tag of $1.78 million. Encompassing 1,600 square feet, the home showcases a seamless blend of modern industrial aesthetics with sustainable design.

Two story Shipping Container Home – Photo : Bullock Russell

Features Include:

  • Two Bedrooms & Two Bathrooms: The home boasts a cozy sleeping area with a walk-through closet leading into the primary suite, complete with an en-suite bathroom featuring a freestanding tub shower.

  • Reclaimed Materials: An automatic barn door, utilizing reclaimed lumber, soundproofs the space and hides a one-car garage which also serves as an artist’s studio.

  • Intelligent Design: Outfitted with smart technology and energy-efficient systems, this home offers both convenience and environmental consideration.

  • Outdoor Spaces: Two balconies provide outdoor enjoyment, while an elevated Brazilian hardwood deck offers a private retreat, bordered by a tall hedge for extra privacy.

  • Innovative Construction: Supported by deep caissons, the structure integrates both stone and concrete at the ground level and four shipping containers on the upper level for stability and style.

  • Kitchen and Dining: Functional elegance with a flip-out window featuring an Italian travertine slab serves for seamless indoor/outdoor entertaining, complemented by a steel bifold door that opens the dining area to the deck.

  • Listing Agent: The property’s sale is managed by Gaetano Lo Grande of Bullock Russell Real Estate Services.
Shipping Container Home Interior – Photo : Bullock Russell

When Max Auerswald acquired this property in 2015, it originally housed a modest 500-square-foot abode. He and Talee Auerswald took on the ambitious task to demolish and construct this unique home, completed in 2019. The design incorporates a variety of found and recycled materials, including French limestone and abandoned doors, adding character to the build.

Before & After Shipping Container Home in Dana Point

A visit to this architectural gem reveals how repurposed elements can coalesce to form a sustainable luxury that adheres to contemporary building codes while also achieving an upscale residence in the heart of Orange County. The residence is not only a home but a showcase of innovative use of prefabricated shipping container homes in modern real estate development.

Listing Here : Bullock Russell

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dana Point Shipping Container Home

  • Are container home building laws flexible in Dana Point?

Building codes and regulations for container homes can vary between cities and counties. It’s essential to consult with the Dana Point Building Department ([Insert contact info/website]) to determine specific requirements and obtain necessary permits.

  • Are the weather conditions in this region suitable for a container home?

Dana Point enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, making it generally suitable for container homes. However, proper insulation and ventilation are crucial to manage temperature fluctuations and potential moisture buildup due to proximity to the ocean.

  • How do you maintain a container home in a coastal environment?

Homes near the ocean require extra diligence in maintenance. To protect your container home:

    • Rust Prevention: Regularly inspect for signs of rust and address them promptly. Use marine-grade paint and consider additional protective coatings. 
    • Salt Mitigation: Rinse exterior surfaces periodically with fresh water to remove salt buildup, which can accelerate corrosion. 
    • Ventilation: Ensure adequate ventilation to reduce interior moisture and prevent mold growth.
  • Does the elevated design of the home offer any advantages for coastal living?

Yes! Elevating the home can help mitigate potential flooding risks and provides better views in a coastal setting.

  • Are there any special considerations for landscaping around a container home in Dana Point?

Opt for salt-tolerant and drought-resistant plants that thrive in the coastal climate. Consider native California species for a sustainable and low-maintenance landscape.