3-story Container Home Built in 3 years

A three story container house sounds like something straight out of a futuristic movie. However, such homes are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more unconventional living spaces.

These homes provide a unique form of living, and they certainly stand out from the traditional home.

This container house, which will be a perfect opportunity for those who want to be in touch with nature, is located 2.4 kilometers from the city center.

There are Airbnb reservation opportunities for those who want to rent a house. It would be possible to spend a day for $375. Book now on the Airbnb.

More about Det Röda Stålhuset (The Red Steel House) project :

  • 1 year design

  • 3 years construction

  • 5 containers

  • 82 yards of concrete

  • 3,000 lbs of nuts & bolts

  • 30,000 lbs structural steel

( source : @det_roda_stalhuset )

The Red Steel House Outside – Photo : Airbnb

High on a hill in Leavenworth, there is a container house that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. This unique home was built using recycled shipping containers, and it’s one of the most unique homes in the area.

The location is perfect for those who love to hike and explore the outdoors, and the beautiful scenery is an added bonus.

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The Red Steel House Outside – Photo : Airbnb

Integrating red tones with black, this house evokes a different ambiance with its location and luxurious design. Unlimited use of the land on the outside of the house is also a plus of the house. Wood and dark color tones, which are especially preferred in homes, create a different ambiance against nature for you.

The designer, who reflects all the installations and construction stages in the house in the best way, shares the construction of each floor of the house in detail on his Youtube channel. In this way, people reveal how the design of the house is made and its strong structure.

Since your container house is close to the city and at a distance of 1.5 miles, people prefer this house to relax and spend time. When leaving the house, it will be enough to travel a short distance to participate in many outdoor activities.

There are 3 bedrooms in the container house.

There are distinctions in terms of the spaciousness of these rooms. The house has separate compartments called queen bedrooms. These sections stand out with their wide structure and designs of furniture.

After the bedrooms, the courtyard and balconies were given great importance. In this way, the Red Steel container house reflects its spaciousness.

The Red Steel House Outside – Photo : Airbnb

The preferred wooden interior design was chosen to reflect a modern point of view that also does not tire the eyes in red tones. In particular, giving more space to glass details in the exterior design of the house has been one of the most important details that reveal the spaciousness in the house.

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Photo : Tiny House Giant Journey

Located in a hilly area of ​​Washington, the Red Steel container house has emerged as a very possible home for a large family to live in, combining suburban style with a modern twist.

For more detailed information : DASHAEL VINCENT & Co.

Photo : Tiny House Giant Journey

Container Home Buying Market Review

Washington remains one of the highlights for many container home constructions. These real estates, which are one of the most popular houses of recent times, continue to be among the buildings preferred by everyone with their affordable prices and opportunities.

Container House Construction – Photo : dvcodesigns

As the development of prefabricated houses continues, the increase in the purchase of these properties is attracting everyone’s attention. Properties such as the Red Steel container house in nature, in particular, increase the attractiveness by using unfamiliar tones such as red and blue.

Container houses started to be built in areas with forested areas in Washington. People show interest in the building, especially since it is the only and first house in the location where the Red Steel Container house is located.

The durability of the materials preferred in container houses is very important. Red Steel House, which has 3 floors, was designed using the best materials in this respect.

Container House Living Room – Photo : Airbnb

Preferred Viewpoints in Container Houses

Container houses, one of the most popular houses in the market, attract people’s attention with different designs and options over time.

Container House Kitchen – Photo : Airbnb

These houses, which appeal to many different budgets in the market, change people’s ideas about choosing with their affordable prices. Houses with different details such as the Red Steel House, which has a modern perspective, are increasing in popularity.

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Container House Living Room – Photo : Airbnb

While the house has a multi-storey structure within itself, it has a separate design instead of being separated from the middle. Thanks to this separate design, all the lines of the view from every position of the house are clearly in the middle.

Container House Stairs – Photo : Airbnb

Wooden glass details and stairs, which were preferred in the interior decoration of the house, changed the atmosphere of the house.

Professionalize Container Home Selection

If you like the style of The Red Steel House container, you can have this house-styled house built by a professional company.

It is not difficult to obtain a container house that is designed in the best way by transferring all the plans from where you live.

Container Home Construction – Photo : Tiny House Giant Journey
Container House Plan – Photo : dvcodesigns

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