3-Story Shipping Container Home

Container homes can be a different experience for those looking for a different holiday experience. You may not want to choose to stay at the hotel in the holiday centers you prefer for your holiday. Container houses can provide you with a different experience.

Shipping container homes are portable and sustainable. There is no harm to nature and the environment. The design and architecture of container houses are quite different from other houses. Container houses can be built in any square meter and size that is sufficient for a house.

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Living in a Container House with a Pool

This container house, where you can spend the summer in a pleasant way, has a place big enough for your family and loved ones to come together.

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The container house consists of 3 floors. The veranda is elevated from the ground and includes a pool. The pool is surrounded by wires. It was made considering the possibility that any animal or creature that may come from outside could escape into the pool. A precaution was also taken against the possibility of children falling due to the height of the pool area.

The pool area has a very large area. You can sunbathe on the sun loungers around the pool. There is a big umbrella right next to the pool. It can be a very good environment to spend time in the sunny summer months.

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There is a table outside. In order not to be deprived of the outer atmosphere of the house, you can eat your meals outside or have a picnic if you wish.

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The shipping container house has a terrace.

The terrace floor is accessed from inside the house. You can fully benefit from the sun on the sun loungers on the terrace.

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In addition to the sun loungers, there are two beanbag cushions. A cute area has been created where you can enjoy the terrace in the moonlight with your loved one.

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When you come to the entrance of the house, the kitchen welcomes you. In the kitchen part, there is a long corner sofa, kitchen table and bench.

White color dominates the whole house.

The fact that the kitchen part consists of white made the house look very modern. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils.

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When you proceed from the kitchen section, the guest rooms and the bathroom greet you. Guest rooms have double beds. The interior design of the house has an extremely elite appearance.

The positions of the windows are well adjusted in the house where simplicity is kept in the foreground. The large size of the windows in every part of the house made the house appear brighter and more spacious.


The second floor bedroom is located on the balcony. The view of the bedroom seems much more enlarged.

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There is a bathroom in the bedroom. In the bathroom, white colors dominate. The bathroom is quite large. The fact that the shower cabin completely includes the corner area is very good in terms of saving space.

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You can reach the terrace part of the house with the help of the stairs on the second floor.

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There is an additional container house in the garden of the house. The house, which is smaller than the 3-storey container house, has a kitchen and a bed at the entrance. The kitchen is quite small. The kitchen, which looks small but functional, has everything needed.

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The bathroom in the house has been tried to be used very sparingly. White colors dominate the bathroom. The use of black in reference to white colors has created a very modern line.

Container homes are an innovative solution to housing, providing safety and sustainability.

Instead of traditional building materials, a container house uses steel shipping containers to construct the walls and roof. This makes them strong enough to transport between sites, while maintaining resistance to harsh weather conditions. Not only are they efficient, but they also have modern designs with thermal insulation for comfort year-round.

They offer the best of both worlds – a reliable and affordable housing option that is also aesthetically pleasing with stylish interior designs.

Shipping container houses provide tremendous opportunity for those seeking sustainable, portable homes.

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3 story shipping container home for 339$/night

Looking for the perfect getaway spot in the desert? Look no further than SkyBox, an amazing 3-story container home that is located in Joshua Tree, California.

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Hosted by Jon and Joanne, this incredible Airbnb can fit up to six guests with three bedrooms, three beds and two and a half baths.

Not only does it have all the necessary amenities, but you’ll also get to experience a relaxing spa, soothing pool and a spectacular rooftop deck.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the desert while enjoying unbeatable comfort at $339 per night. SkyBox is the dream escape you won’t want to miss!

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